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3 Reasons Good Typography is Indispensable in Web Design

Web Design in Fyshwick CanberraThe importance of typography to any Australian site couldn’t be overemphasised. It’s so basic, yet extremely vital. Many designers underrate the type because of its fundamental nature. In some cases, you’d only realise the font used for your texts is bad until you notice your web traffic wouldn’t seem to improve.

Even in the age of visuals, the significance of typography never wavered. According to Voodoo Creative, any expert in web design in Canberra, Sydney and Melbourne would say that words are not only present in one-liners and paragraphs. Graphics and videos contain texts as well; therefore, the style and appearance of type matter across all forms of visual content.

The Feeling

Typography sets the tone of the delivery of your message. Whatever you want to say, you have to communicate clearly and effectively. An apt font would embody a certain feeling on the message you convey. The size and type, along with other elements, are essential to creating the kind of impression you want to establish.

The Glue

Good typography translates into a trouble-free reading experience. You can hire the best writer in the world and still fail to get your message across. Well-written pieces of content would only serve their purpose if they’re readable and gentle to the eyes.

Internet users have a narrow attention span, and that’s getting shorter by the year; an incomprehensible font is enough to discourage users from reading and send them elsewhere on the Web. Typography’s role is to make your content sticky to keep visitors on your site and possibly convert them eventually.

The Success

Poor typography could throw all of your efforts to improve your site performance away. Fast loading time, functional links and compelling content mean nothing if your messaging isn’t user-friendly. Properly placed, legible and striking texts are the driving force of online communication.

Typography is an art valued and mastered by only a few web designers. As you keep up with the trends to make your site stand out, you shouldn’t put less weight on this technique to make your efforts count and achieve your online goals.