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As Precious as Singapore is, You Need to Protect It

Volunteering OpportunitiesIt may have shone brightest on its 50th anniversary as an independent island city-state in 2015, but for years, Singapore has already taken the world by storm. Even with its apparent diminutive size, the Lion City has emerged as a global financial powerhouse competing against even the best.

In this regard, volunteering opportunities provide the means to keep Singapore as beautiful as ever, making it stronger from within.

A Most Beautiful City

It’s hard to imagine that a city-state made up of less than 6 billion citizens and 2/3 the size of New York, would upend every other city in the world, being ranked by World Bank as the “Easiest City to Do Business” – not once, but for 10 straight years. That only shows how far-reaching and all-encompassing the vision of Singapore’s founding father, Lee Kuan Yew, is.

And the best part’s the Red Dot is keeping a balance to all its advances, making clean air a priority for instance and maintaining Changi Airport most sought-after, one consistently voted as world’s best.

Protecting It

Volunteering opportunities help strengthen Singapore even more. By signing up for National Defence, for example, you bolster the city-state’s chances of protecting itself against any threat, foreign and otherwise. In an era where terrorism is rife, your passion to be of service is most useful.

On your end, you could be widening your inner circle. Instead of limiting yourself to a few friends, you could meet like-minded people who are willing to make a difference in other people’s lives. Career-wise, volunteering could boost your leadership skills too. As you focus on lending a hand, you get to develop your people skills and your personal confidence soars, vital aspects in building a budding career.

Best of all, you make Singapore a better place for everyone to live in. Volunteering in Singapore is giving back to the city that’s keeping you safe and secure.

Serve and Protect: Core Information about the SAF


SAFHave you heard of the Singapore volunteer corps? It is a recognised and integral part of the country’s growth and development. Nonetheless, ordinary citizens might not be aware of what they are and how they operate.

Here are some facts about the volunteer corps:

What is the Singapore Volunteer Corps?

The volunteer corps for the Singapore government is a group of people who undergo training to become physically and mentally capable of giving support to the country in times of need or crisis. Unlike minutemen or mercenaries, this standing army has recognition and support from the leaders and the people. Members of the volunteer corps are educated on the needs of the community, serving as the representatives of the people.

What is the Corps’ Responsibility?

As Mindef.gov.sg explains, the volunteer corps are not simply civilian soldiers who take up arms against enemies of the state. Instead, they come to the aid of the country in times of national crisis, like natural disasters. They lend their combined strength for search and rescue operations, medical missions, and protection of those who cannot defend themselves. The corps must prioritise the needs of the greater numbers; they should be natural born or permanent citizens.

What Do You Need to Become a Part of It?

Aside from being citizens of the country, those who are willing to become part of the volunteer corps must be physically and mentally fit. They will undergo necessary training from professionals; they must be capable of following orders and thinking clearly and quickly in the middle of an emergency.

If the person has any experience as a doctor, medic, or nurse, they may be suitable for medical missions. Those who have physical skills, such as athletes, may be delegated to incursions and emergency brigades.

Singapore is a beautiful and peaceful country, but it is not without its need for unity and strength. To become a part of its volunteer corps is a great way of supporting the country and giving it the right support in times of crisis.