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Sentosa Island: Fun, Wild and Excitement is Waiting for You

Sentosa IslandTravelling is one of the many joys you get to experience with your hard earned money, the excitement of exploring a new city and the thrill of discovering great buys and food are just a few of the many wonders you get to experience when travelling. Singapore or also known as the Lion City is a great haven for anyone looking to be entertained and thrilled. Being a multicultural island-city-state, Singapore offers an extensive array of places, food, souvenirs, museums, gardens and attractions that will satisfy even a great wanderlust such as yourself.

Sentosa Island is a must see destination when you visit Singapore, but be warned once you go there you might never want to leave. Sentosa Island is an island resort which holds numerous attractions where visitors of all ages will surely be entertained. According to Store.sentosa.com.sg, entrance fee may vary with different attractions, but have no worry. They usually offer discounted bundle packages for different attractions and the best thing is you don’t need to pay any entrance fee to enter the island itself. 

Here are some of the top attractions you shouldn’t forget to put on your list when visiting Sentosa Singapore:

  1. Universal Studios Singapore

One of the top attractions to visit and you will not regret setting a whole day for this amusement park. Universal Studios offers a multitude of themes, rides, shows, and food to cater to the child within you and of course also your kids.

  1. S. E. A. Aquarium

You guessed it right, the S. E. A. Aquarium is a huge aquarium which gives shelter to thousands of marine life, which you get to experience by walking inside vast tunnels, giving you a close-up look at these amazing creatures. This trip will not only be an amazing experience but will also prove educational and emphasises the importance of the sea and marine life.

  1. Adventure Cove Waterpark

Adventure Cove Waterpark combines the adrenaline rushing thrills of long, winding, spiral slides, snorkeling and swimming with the added bonus of interacting with marine life.

  1. Trick Eye Museum

One of the new attractions, the Trick Eye Museum gives a new meaning of optical illusion with the best part, it includes you in the illusion. So best bring your camera, because a wild story is about to start!

There are other numerous attractions you get to experience once you get to the island, such as Dolphin Island, numerous shopping centers, and if you’re feeling a bit lucky you can try your hand at Resorts World Casino, so start planning your visit, because it will be jam-packed and full of fun and adventure.