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Security & Comfort: Options for a More Convenient Life

Convenient Lifestyle in FranklinComfort and safety are two of the topmost concerns of every homeowner. You want to keep your family safe while at the same time able to achieve the maximum level of comfort and peace of mind. After all, your house is your safe haven and you want it to feel that way. There are a number of ways to make this happen.

Here are a few suggestions:

Electronic Security

Not all people will spend a considerable amount to hire a security company to protect their home. But those who have above average income and who keep valuables at home (expensive art, jewelry, etc.) need this kind of protection. Electronic home security involves using sensors and locks for every door and window. It may also include motion detectors in and around the house, typically activated when the homeowners are away or asleep. There are security cameras around the property. These are all controlled using a computer as the main terminal. A house with an electronic security system usually has stickers and a sign on the yard bearing the security company’s name.


Industry experts at Secure Pro ​note that home automation is one way of making your home more comfortable and convenient. With this system, your appliances (and perhaps your security system) become part of the Internet of Things. Using a central control terminal (such as a laptop), possibly connected with other devices (smartphone, tablet), you can command your appliances to work even when you’re away. Automation is the most convenient way to accomplish different things all at the same time and with minimal human effort.

Going Back to Basics

Everyone has a personal definition of comfort and security. For some people, that involves getting rid of the trappings of a modern life and going back to basics. This works by letting go of many material possessions and living only with the barest essentials. The fewer things you possess, the easier your life should become. This also means the less attractive your home becomes to burglars. This lifestyle, however, is not for everyone. Imagine living practically off the grid: no Internet, no smartphone, no washing machine, etc. Most people would agree, however, that this lifestyle choice is healthier than most.

Get Ahead of the Competition: Offer Comprehensive Monitoring

Security MonitoringWith security threats and safety hazards being two of the primary concerns of many home and business owners, many of them turn to the help of security companies. However, with so many options to choose from, how can you, as a security system/service provider, get ahead of the competition?

The answer is through the offering of a vast array of round the clock monitoring.

Comprehensive monitoring as opposed to basic security

The key difference is in the term itself “comprehensive” and “basic.”

With a comprehensive monitoring system, you can offer your clients more than just products that deter criminals like burglars and intruders. You can also offer them round the clock monitoring for potential threats and not just the previously mentioned ones, but also weather, gas poisoning, fire, emergency situations, even phone and Internet monitoring.

How central monitoring stations work

Central monitoring stations utilize special phone connections, computers, machines, hardware, software, and radio channels operated by trained, knowledgeable staff. The personnel monitor their clients’ residential or commercial security systems for potential threats. When a possibility of threat arises, these professionals contact the appropriate authorities.

When a home or office is equipped with a security system that comes with monitoring services, they can enjoy 24/7 protection that basic security systems do not have the ability to offer. Central monitoring stations have boasts of a wide network and connections to both government and non-government security agencies.

Services now available with central monitoring systems

One thing you have to keep in mind when thinking of ways to grow your security system business is that not all provide monitoring, just modern products and installation services. So when you provide your clients with the option to have constant monitoring for various threats, you can get ahead of them.

And thanks to the availability of wholesale security monitoring services, including the basics (security and fire alarm monitoring), and the more specialized ones such as PERS (Medical Alarm) Monitoring & mPERS (GPS), video, cellular, phone, and IP monitoring, you can quickly become a leader in such a competitive industry.