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Will College Life be Better with a New Ride?

College Life in VancouverIn your opinion, surviving college requires more than just a laptop or new books — it’s better with a new ride too.

A number of family and friends must’ve gone against your decision. Having a car on campus, they say, costs money and is also inconvenient. But having a car in school isn’t all about the cons. There are winning pros that could convince Mom and Dad to get you a new ride.

Come and Go at Your Convenience

With a 2016 Infiniti Q50 sedan or other car models, you can go around campus whenever you want. Whether it’s heading for a little road trip, going out to dinner, or just taking someone out, the ability to leave campus after school easily is a little luxury.

Apart from the short moments of recreation, it’s also convenient to drive around the campus. No need to race with people towards the exit. Going to the next class on the other side of the campus shouldn’t be a problem.

Going Home during the Holidays

Wanting to see Mom and Dad during breaks no longer brings the dread of a long commute. Getting home is just a drive away — even if it takes a day or two. No need to worry about delayed trains, long bus rides, or other transportation problems. 

A car also allows you flexibility with the family’s needs. If your parents need a hand with the business, an ill family member, or babysitting issues, a car cuts down the time to go back and forth.

Also, as the car’s owner, you can have a mini road trip while dropping off friends to nearby hometowns.

Have Fun with Friends

Every now and then, you need a break. One of the best ways to temporarily evade projects and papers is by planning road trips for long weekends. You provide the transportation and ask everyone to contribute for the gas.

A car makes college life easier and more fun. After graduation, ask Mom and Dad if your graduation gift can take the form of a new vehicle.