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Sailing: Circling Your Way Around the Globe

Couple In Sail BoatThe wind in your hair, the stars so bright in the night time sky, and the gentle lull of the ocean beating against your boat while you enjoy your solitude, away from the hustle and bustle of busy city life, that’s the mental picture that you should imagine when you pursue sailing. Sailing gives you a chance to break away from the stress of life and enjoy a time all by yourself and recharge your batteries.

But before you open your sails and cruise your way into adventure, here are some facts you need to learn first:

What type of boat is right for you?

Of course choosing the right type of boat should be your first step, but in order to choose the right boat you have to consider the number of people who you want to share the experience with. Do you want your sailing adventure to be a solo experience or you want it to be a shared family experience? Sailing boats are usually of two types, dinghies or keelboats.

Dinghies are small sailing boats, easily maneuvered with one or two persons, making it perfect for that solo vacation. Keel boats, commonly referred to as yachts are medium to large in size. Keel boats are usually sailed by a skipper and a crew, which makes it great for an outing with friends or family.

Once you have made your choice, visit auctions in Australia that offers boats for sale with a variety of choices for your every whim.

What should you wear?

Don’t worry, no need for fancy clothes and shoes for your first day of sailing. Just wear comfortable clothes, light soled, non-marking closed toe shoes, and a jacket in case of rain. Also, don’t forget to bring sun protection such as sunglasses, hat or a cap and sunblock. Life jackets are required to be worn and expect to be wet especially if you are using a dinghy.

When can you test your sailing abilities?

Like any other sport, sailing offers you a chance to test your skills in a racing competition. These racing events are usually according to the type of boat you are using. These competitions will let you explore your abilities and build camaraderie and friendship with your other crew members.

Sailing is not just any ordinary sport, while you are out in the open sea, sailing will teach you humility and respect against the greatness of Mother Nature.