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Four Annoying Things People with Tattoos Wish you would Stop Thinking

Woman With Tattoo On BackThere are things only people with tattoos can relate to, people weirdly staring at you and others asking you stupid questions. Maybe the next time someone asks you a weird question about your tattoo, just point them to a tattoo artist, in Brisbane, for instance. They might understand after getting one. 

The following are things people with tattoos wish others would stop doing because it is annoying, compiled by the pros at Seventh Circle Tattoo Studio:

Thinking you are eager to tell them about your tattoo

Sometimes a tattoo is just that, a tattoo. No, people with tattoos don't feel the need to tell you about their tattoos, don't push it! It is not some deep spiritual experience that changed their life, and now they feel they have a solemn duty to preach to the world about their new found religion.

Thinking they make spontaneous, irrational decisions

Before you ask a person with tattoos to shave his head with a new knife you just bought from the store, how about you get punched in the face! Having a tattoo doesn’t mean one is spontaneous and irrational. Matter of fact, people with ‘tats’ are some of the calmest and coolest individuals. 

Assuming they have a tattoo ‘regret.'

Sure, some people regret getting a tattoo and are thinking of getting rid of it but this doesn't mean that all individuals with a tattoo will one day come to regret their decisions. In fact, there are others that add more and more tattoos as they age. It's a way of life for them.

Assuming they are attention seekers

To be fair, everyone loves attention! However, before you start heaping all tattoo lovers into one bunch of attention seekers, you should understand that people get a tattoo for different reasons. Some people actually hide their tattoos.

Tattoos are one of the coolest body accessories that anyone can get. Don’t let all the negative talk prevent you from enjoying this beautiful piece of art. They are just jealous!