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5 Things Not To Do When Renting a Car at Perth Airport

Car Rental in PerthYou have finally arrived at Perth airport in Western Australia; the next thing is to get to know the city. Cheap car hire at the airport is, obviously, the most preferable mode of transport. However, if you don’t choose well this decision may end up causing you to be rather stressed out. Aries Car Rental lists 5 mistakes top avoid when you are hiring a car at the airport.

1. Not Finding Out About Hidden Fees

Many people do not realise the enormity of hidden fees until it is too late. Some of the potential hidden fees you should know about before you drive include administrative fee, refuelling surcharge, early return fee, and premium location surcharge.

2. Failing to Research about the Company 

In a big city such as Perth, there is a good chance of meeting an unreliable car hire company. In view of this, make sure you perform thorough research about a company so that you can have a hassle-free stay in the city.

3. Failing to Inspect the Car 

Either due to hurry or mere ignorance, some people do not bother to check a rental car for potential damage but this is very important. You can even opt to take photos, just to protect yourself from blame when you return the car.

4. Failing to Check for a Refuelling Station

Failing to check for a convenient fuelling station immediately after picking up the car sets the stage for many problems later on. For example, you may be late for your return flight as you drive around looking for a place to refuel. Find a local station when you have enough time.

5. Not Booking in Advance 

This is something else that may cause you a lot of hassle. Sometimes there is a huge influx of people in need of rental cars and you may find it hard to get one. You can avoid this hitch by booking online at least one week in advance.

Avoiding the mistakes listed and you can save money, not to mention enjoy the city much better.

Are Car Dealerships Worth the Trouble?

Car Dealer

Car Dealer in IndianapolisAmong many other things, the inventions of cars has to be one of the best things to have happened to mankind. Cars have eased movement from one point to another. They used to be solely functional back when they were first made, but as time moved on cars became both functional and luxurious (not to mention quite comfortable).

Nowadays, people can get cars for both the comfort and functionality. Enter the Chevy Impala, a car that would fulfill any man’s dream in terms of comfort and functionality. Some people might wonder why you should go to a dealership for your car. Blossom Chevrolet lays out some reasons below:

  • Quality Service

Going to your car’s dealership, for instance a dealership in Indianapolis, will give you the opportunity to experience good service. This means that you will get your problem solved and, if necessary, ailing parts replaced. If you are looking for a new car then they’ll have different models and can help you find the one that suits your budget.

  • A Variety of Cars

A dealership would normally deal with a specific make of cars. So your best bet of finding the car of your dreams no matter what make or model is to go to a dealership. They can provide you with both new and used cars. The used cars will have been tested and inspected for quality, so you can rest assured that you’re getting good value for your money.

These are only two of the many reasons that you should visit your local dealership. In case you are looking for a Chevy Impala in Indianapolis then be sure to visit the nearest one in your locale for the best selection of used and new cars.