Even Advertisers for big Companies can Fail Sometimes

tech industry

tech industryThe Apple Watch is not the failure that most naysayers are saying it will become prior to its release. But, it is safe to say that its reception was not as warm as its predecessors, the iPod, iPhone and iPad, enjoyed. The Apple Watch might be the most advanced piece of technology in the world today, but nobody is ever going to know about it if no one buys it.

Why was there such a lukewarm response to Apple’s latest product when legions of devoted followers fall in line for the release of every new iPhone? The reason, according to Route2Take, lies in the fact that no one is quite sure what the Apple Watch does, or more importantly, what people can use it for. This is either a massive failure of their advertising department, or a breakdown in internal communications.

The highly competitive nature of the tech industry, where even the slightest advantage could mean billions of dollars in revenue, makes secrecy the second highest priority of a new product. People understand the company’s need to keep their cards close, but not to the point where the people who are supposed to use it have no idea how.

When a company asks people to spend £479-£949 for a device that is best described as a mini-iPhone people can wear, they need more than customer loyalty to bring the sales numbers up. Many analysts were hoping that the Apple Watch event would provide a clear and concise answer on that point, but not many people got it if there was one.

The main reason for people to get the Apple Watch today is that it provides people with the ability to use all their favourite apps without having to pull out their phones. This sounds like a weak reason now, but marketers are hoping that the watch can open new platforms and possibilities in the future, and give them more selling points for potential customers.

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