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Sentosa Island: Fun, Wild and Excitement is Waiting for You

Sentosa IslandTravelling is one of the many joys you get to experience with your hard earned money, the excitement of exploring a new city and the thrill of discovering great buys and food are just a few of the many wonders you get to experience when travelling. Singapore or also known as the Lion City is a great haven for anyone looking to be entertained and thrilled. Being a multicultural island-city-state, Singapore offers an extensive array of places, food, souvenirs, museums, gardens and attractions that will satisfy even a great wanderlust such as yourself.

Sentosa Island is a must see destination when you visit Singapore, but be warned once you go there you might never want to leave. Sentosa Island is an island resort which holds numerous attractions where visitors of all ages will surely be entertained. According to, entrance fee may vary with different attractions, but have no worry. They usually offer discounted bundle packages for different attractions and the best thing is you don’t need to pay any entrance fee to enter the island itself. 

Here are some of the top attractions you shouldn’t forget to put on your list when visiting Sentosa Singapore:

  1. Universal Studios Singapore

One of the top attractions to visit and you will not regret setting a whole day for this amusement park. Universal Studios offers a multitude of themes, rides, shows, and food to cater to the child within you and of course also your kids.

  1. S. E. A. Aquarium

You guessed it right, the S. E. A. Aquarium is a huge aquarium which gives shelter to thousands of marine life, which you get to experience by walking inside vast tunnels, giving you a close-up look at these amazing creatures. This trip will not only be an amazing experience but will also prove educational and emphasises the importance of the sea and marine life.

  1. Adventure Cove Waterpark

Adventure Cove Waterpark combines the adrenaline rushing thrills of long, winding, spiral slides, snorkeling and swimming with the added bonus of interacting with marine life.

  1. Trick Eye Museum

One of the new attractions, the Trick Eye Museum gives a new meaning of optical illusion with the best part, it includes you in the illusion. So best bring your camera, because a wild story is about to start!

There are other numerous attractions you get to experience once you get to the island, such as Dolphin Island, numerous shopping centers, and if you’re feeling a bit lucky you can try your hand at Resorts World Casino, so start planning your visit, because it will be jam-packed and full of fun and adventure.

A Busy Unforgettable Vacation at Fremantle

Having A Vacation at FremantleBesides the common Australian destinations like Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, and Perth, you can add the City of Fremantle on your must-visit list. Boasting a vibrant nightlife, busy craft beer breweries, and one UNESCO World Heritage Site, Fremantle, the 7th best city to visit in 2016 according to Lonely Planet, will surely keep you busy.

The Road to Fremantle

It’s a 30-minute ride from the centre of Perth to Fremantle. You can go by car, train, cruise, or bus. You can take a taxi, but it is not recommended as taxis are expensive. The bus is also a bad choice since it will take you longer to get to the port city. By far, the best choice is by train as you get to see great views as well as have a quick journey.

Rooms to Stay In

When you are looking for a place to stay, you can choose from posh hotels, small boutiques, B&B’s, or backpacker rooms. You can also rent Fremantle serviced apartments, notably that of Be Fremantle‘s. There, you’ll get a fully equipped kitchen, Wi-Fi, a laundry area, a lounge and dining area, a reception or concierge desk, and even parking space, among many other additional facilities.

The Art Destination

Art aficionados can soak themselves in the rich art culture of Fremantle by visiting the Fremantle Arts Centre. Built in 1864, the Arts Centre has had many lives as an asylum, a women’s home, a naval base, and as a technical college. Now, it’s a mecca of art and music for you to enjoy.

The Chill Areas

Visitors who just want to relax can take one of two paths. You can either take the path of the coffee or the beer. Coffee lovers can chill in the legendary Cappuccino Strip, while beer guzzlers can sit back in the Little Creatures brewery, Little Creatures Next Door, or The Monk Brewery and Kitchen.

There’s no end to the sights and wonders of Fremantle. You can visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Fremantle Prison; stop by the Fishing Boat Harbour; discover the Round House; take pictures on Rottnest Island; and many more activities. Take the time to try them all out.

Planning the Essentials in a Holiday Away from Work

short stay apartments in Perth

short stay apartments in PerthHolidays are important part of a person’s life because without it, you might as well call yourself a robot. In fact, studies show that people who take regular vacations are more alert and enthusiastic about work compared than people who never take breaks.

If you’re planning an out-of-town break soon, here are some tips to make the most out of it and return a brighter, happier you.

Leave Work Behind

Don’t ruin a vacation by bringing work with you. This is your only time to unwind and forget all the pressures in life, so why would you bring some with you? Design your itinerary so you would have no time (or means) to work. Don’t check your email and turn off all other work-related communication. This way, you can come back refuelled and ready to take on challenges like a pro.

Decide Where to Go

Ask yourself what you currently need. Is it the sound of waves at the beach, solitude in a secluded island, or time to read books at your rest house? Once you decide where you want to go, search for flights, look up interesting activities, and check out what tourist spots you need to visit. Take advantage of this planning stage because this is where excitement is at its peak.

Know Where to Stay

Look for short stay apartments in Perth well in advance if you’re planning to go there for a few weeks. If it’s just for a few days, you can either shell out money and enjoy the luxuries of a hotel or go economical by booking a backpackers’ inn.

Don’t be afraid to expand your horizons and try new things. Plan a holiday two to four times a year to experience new and exciting things for a change so you wouldn’t get bored with the normalcies of life. This way, you can come back with a renewed mind ready to take on challenges at work.

Let’s Go to London: The Best Time to Visit the City

LondonWhilst there is never a bad time to visit London, the best time for travelling still depends on what aspect of the city appeals to you the most. It may also depend on how much you are willing to spend on accommodation and what public holidays you want to experience.

LHA London shares the things you can expect in the seasons of the city.

Springing Up

Most people would agree that spring is one of the best times to visit, mainly because of mild temperatures, with gardens and parks blossoming. The city also comes to life from March to May with plenty of planned fun events and activities. There is the London Marathon, the Craft Week, the London Show, the St Paddy’s Day parade and more.

Laidback Autumn

If you don’t mind chilly weather, autumn can be a nice time to visit the city. This is the time for kids to be back in school, which could mean lower airfares and accommodation. There are also fun-filled celebrations like The Mayor’s Thames Festival, the London Literature Festival and BFI London Film Festival. Autumn runs from June to August and can either be mild or dry, or wet and windy.

Winter Wonderland

The city may be in freezing temperatures, but there are lots of festive displays for tourists and guests. You can visit the Natural History Museum Ice Rink,attend the Southbank Centre Festival and wander through The Enchanted Woodland. The City also sparkles with twinkling lights, with festive events lasting until approximately a week after New Year.

Summer Paradise

With relatively mild temperatures, more tourists visit London to see the city’s famous landmarks. This is a busy season, with savvy tourists taking the walking tours of famous attractions such as Big Ben,Buckingham Palace and the Tower of London. If you have money to spare, you can also reserve a ticket and watch tennis superstarsplay their best at Wimbledon.

Make your London trip safe, easy and fun by planning your vacation. Choose the best time to visit depending on your budget and the event you want to experience.

Summer Escapades – Southern Style: 3 Activities to Enjoy this Season

white water rafting

white water raftingSpring’s out, and Summer is in the U.S. of A! Right now, thousands upon thousands of Americans are scrambling to get their summer game faces on. It is the season to enjoy the sun, and there are many outdoor activities to be enjoyed.

But, between the two in the States, it is always better in the South. If you are planning for a summer trip, you better yourself to the South. Whether you’ll be in Texas, Arkansas or Missouri, here are three classic activities to enjoy for the summer.


Camping may sound like for kids, but it is still the best way to enjoy the outdoors – to get out of the house, away from technology and into the arms of nature.

You can start with the basics: go for a trek in the woods and settle in a tent for the day, then return. Or you can go full nature warrior and spend the next two or three days in the woods with a party of like-minded individuals. Southerners are known for being adept outdoorsmen, so you can learn a trick or two from them.


What is the outdoors without food? And what defines outdoor food better than a barbeque? To enjoy going out of the house for a trip with nature, why not bring a big slab of meat with you as well and roast it over a nice grill or a pit fire. Bring friends and beer with you for maximum enjoyment.

Extreme Sports

For the adrenaline junkies looking for a break from the monotonous city life, why not go to the extreme? Activities such as white water rafting in Arkansas rapids, or spelunking in caves might do you good.

Since you are already camping, why not go the extra mile and go mountaineering in the dense woods, or rock climbing as well? If you are not into those things, you can always just grab a rifle and hunt some game in the woods in the true spirit of a Southern gentleman.

Summer provides a three-month window to enjoy the outdoors. Do not let it go to waste. Get off the couch and experience what you could be missing out on.

Things to Do in Chicago for the Weekend Warrior


ChicagoYou must have taken pictures at Millennium Park, got drunk and ate at the many bars and restaurants in Bucktown and Wicker Park, or got lost wandering around Michigan Avenue during your first trip to Chicago. What can you do to add a new batch of memories to your trip to the Windy City?

Drop by Wrigley Field

Baseball fan or not, a visit to Wrigley Field is a must for weekend warriors, whether they are watching the Sox or Cubs play or just experiencing the history of the stadium. Wrigley Field has been an iconic landmark in the city for decades. Take a picture of the stadium’s red sign or hang out in one of the bars in Wrigleyville to cap your 48 hours in Chicago.

Grab a Bite at the Girl and The Goat

A trip to the city is incomplete without dining in one of its swanky restaurants. Stephanie Izard, the first female winner of Top Chef, has a critically-acclaimed restaurant, the Girl and The Goat. This award-winning restaurant whips up delectable dishes, such as goat carpaccio, crisp braised pork shank, and desserts to die for like a miso-butterscotch budino. Indulge in good food and take some much needed time off to prep yourself for the coming work week.

Catch a Movie at the Music Box Theatre

For film enthusiasts looking for something else to watch other than robots pounding each other, the Music Box Theatre shows foreign and independent films. The movies are not the only reason you would go to the theatre as it provides a glimpse into the past. The movie house opened in August 22, 1929 and has retained and maintained its architecture.

A weekend is not enough to experience all that a city has to offer. Wrigley Field, the Music Box Theatre, and the delicious food at the Girl and The Goat will keep you coming back to try new things in the Windy City for your next weekend adventure.

The Souvenir Buying Guide for Tourists in Singapore

Singapore's Merlion

Singapore's MerlionSingapore’s tourism industry is booming, and people are flocking to see the many sights and attractions that the country has to offer. There are many activities you can do in Singapore, but make sure that you set aside some time for souvenir shopping. Bringing a few gifts with you is the best way to share some of the happiness of your trip with those back home.

  1. Food – For a gift that everyone can appreciate, why not bring home some samples of Singapore’s local delicacies? Many of the bigger grocery stores sell pre-packaged food specifically for this purpose. Local spices are also worth a special mention, as they can make for some truly delicious and unique dishes.
  2. Merlion plushies – These adorable toys in the shape of Singapore’s most recognisable icon are widely available in shops all over the country, though many tourists get them while visiting the giant Merlion tower at Sentosa. Do not forget to take pictures with the different statues as well.
  3. Risis orchid jewellery – An excellent gift for the people closest to you, this jewellery is made by dipping the Risis Orchid (Singapore’s national flower) in 22k gold. The RISIS company has a large presence in Singapore, so you can easily find one of these stunning pieces for that special someone.
  4. Peranakan items – If you have visited the Peranakan museum in Singapore during your trip, you should already be familiar with their fascinating culture and beautiful items. You can find a range of Peranakan brooches, paper umbrellas, cutlery, and handmade beaded slippers in various places. Good places to start looking are the National Orchid Garden and the local malls.
  5. Clothing – Clothes are always an option, and everyone loves getting souvenir t-shirts. For more fashionable gifts, Singapore will not disappoint either. The country is famous for being a wonderful place to shop, and there are countless boutique and designer brand stores to choose from.

Remember, though, that pictures and memories are the best things you can bring home from any vacation. Before worrying about souvenirs, make sure that you experience all the wonderful things that this country has to offer first.

Never a Dull Moment in Phuket


ThailandThais use the phrase ‘land of the freedom’ to express its pride in the fact that it is the only country in Southeast Asia never colonised by Europeans. Shaped by many influences, its culture drew from Indian, Lao, Burmese, Cambodian and Chinese. It is precisely this reason that makes Thailand an interesting place to visit.

Most hotels are only a short distance to many of Phuket’s main tourist attractions. From your room’s balcony, the nearby cities glitter with lights during the night, and during the day, you can view the beach’s lush coconut palm trees.

Here is what you can expect from Thailand at a glance.

Water Works

The beach is ideal to spend quiet hours, skimming pebbles across the clear waters of Andaman Sea. Otherwise, you can take a boat ride to Phang Nga Bay, with its spellbinding sheer limestone cliffs and emerald-green waters. Moreover, since water literally surrounds Phuket, how about satiating your gastronomic appetite with the best of fresh seafood? Thailand has a humongous variety of seafood, notes Style Magazines.

Steeped in Tradition

Phuket Town fairly shines with a personality rich in Asian culture and tradition. Here you will find shrines, temples inspired by Buddhist and Chinese, ornate shop houses, quaint cafes, and tiny printing shops.

Everybody Likes Muay Thai Fighting

You want some real fighting scenes? Get yourself a seat at the Saphan Hin Stadium to watch an arm-wrestling muay thai that holds regular matches with well-trained martial arts experts. Or try outdoor fighting at the Paton Beach to witness the skill and dexterity of these fighters. Join the cheering spectators and feel the rush.

Brimming Nightlife

Alternatively, if you would rather party and enjoy the nightlife on the other hand, you can watch dancers perform spectacular musical and dance numbers at evening shows. On the other hand, you can bring your family to watch a circus of trapeze artists, elephants on stage and pyrotechnics at FantaSeas.

There is never a dull moment from dusk till dawn at Phuket, Thailand. Immerse yourself in the best of Thailand’s culture by booking a flight from Brisbane.

Dining & Sightseeing Options in Fortitude Valley

Fortitude Valley

Fortitude ValleyThere are many guides that can help the visitors and the locals learn about various restaurants in Fortitude Valley, Brisbane. It is better to know about the available options so that you do not miss any opportunity to enjoy the exquisite food while you are here.

Tourist location

This city is thronged by tourists due to its rich cultural heritage. The added attractions are the wonderful landscapes and amazing natural beauty of the place that lures the tourists to visit this place all year round.

Fine dining

There are also a number of hotels and restaurants that cater to the lodging and dining needs of the tourists. The best dining experiences are possible in the many restaurants that can be found around this suburb of Brisbane. These eateries basically cater to the needs and tastes of tourists and local alike. They are structured to suit all budgets too.

Various cuisines

The wide diversity of the population that has made this city their adopted home has helped to enrich the culinary landscape of the city. There are a number of restaurants with different specialties, catering to their niche market. The chefs at these restaurants are experts at preparing and serving authentic cuisines of the various regions of the world.

There are places that specialise only in authentic Chinese food, shares Brisbane restaurant Peng You.  You also have restaurants dedicated to Japanese, Italian, Lebanese, French, Spanish, Mexican foods or just seafood from all over. You can look at the available choices and then choose depending on your tastes and mood.

Awesome interiors

Most of these restaurants also pay a lot of attention to the interiors and serving styles to make your experience more authentic. These places are peaceful and serene, thus enhancing your fine dining experience. The staff at these places is both helpful and hospitable.  They endeavour to make your evening really memorable.

Other options

Apart from exclusive eateries and restaurants, you also have causal cafes and fast food corners, where you can get similar cuisines. These places are good too, especially if you are in a hurry and want a quick bite to appease your hunger pangs.

What Fuels the Australian Tourism Boom?

News reports have been all over it: a tourism boom is taking place in the Land Down Under. Sure, Australians have noticed the increase in tourists that pay the country a visit, but what exactly drives this phenomenon?

So far, the facts point to three reasons:

queenslandDreamy destinations

Australia is home to many awesome destinations. In Queensland alone, there are many great places you can visit. When you want to have fun at the beach, there’s always the Great Barrier Reef, Whitsunday Islands, Fraser Island, Whitehaven Beach, and Hayman Island. For some wildlife adventure, you can go to the Daintree Rainforest, Lamington National Park, and the Australia Zoo. Areas, such as Warner Bros. Movie World and the Brisbane Entertainment Centre also prove popular amongst tourists.

Interestingly, this has had an effect on the industry. says buying management rights for sale has become quite the rage in the past few years. Investors have seen the potential of the location and continue to pour more money to reap the fruits of the tourism boom.

Chinese tourists

Another contributor to the tourism boom is the influx of Chinese tourists. Statistics show that many Chinese travellers have visited the country in the past – and many more will visit in the near future. Since 2011, this has been fuelling the rising popularity of tourism in the area.

The forecasts also see a bright future for the industry. If these predictions hold true, the current number of Chinese tourists would double by 2020. This just goes to show how the tourism boom wouldn’t be a fleeting trend, but will instead stay as an integral part of the country’s economy.

Government campaigns

Of course, Australia wouldn’t be such a popular tourist destination without the efforts of the government. The country’s officials have been keen in promoting the country as a great destination for a quick ad long getaway, especially with all the natural attractions. This focus has resulted in different campaigns, such as the National Landscape Program, “There’s Nothing Like Australia,” and Restaurant Australia – all of which have influenced the country’s tourism figures.

These facts show how dominant Australia is not only in terms of the economy, but also in terms of tourism. Whatever new trend or destination becomes the next hit in the country, one thing is certain: the progress will continue in the country and the tourism industry.