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Waste Oil Collection, Storage, and Processing Tips for Responsible Homeowners

Oil Collection in UKDo you use petroleum-based products? You should think about storing oil classified as “waste” in proper containers because it is the responsible thing to do. If you have the proper type of container, you can transport the oil for disposal, but you cannot hold on to it for long.

Waste Petroleum Combustion Limited, which offers waste oil collection and recovery services, wants you to make sure that the container surface is not permeable to oily substances. If there is a defect or deficiency in the tank, then the contents might end up contaminating the surroundings.

What qualifies as waste oil?

Every waste oil storage tank should have a proper label. For starters, the fluid it contains is considered hazardous. It is not the same product as used oil.

How do you differentiate between the two? Used oils include used motor oil, compressor fluid, and other lubricants used in the automotive industry. The fluid you drain from the engine of your automobile is classified as such. The fluid already contains chemical and/or physical impurities as a result of usage. When stored in a container, the product can be stored for re-use, or it may be transported for recycling.

Meanwhile, waste oil is a petroleum-based product that is not suitable for the original purpose it was intended because its innate properties are already lost. Impurities are also present. The products recovered from discharges in bodies of water, or in land, as well as products taken from de-ballasting and tank-cleaning activities are under this classification. Since it is hazardous product, its handling, storage, and transport are covered by specific regulations and safety precautions.

Taking special precautions

It is imperative that you do not mix oil considered as waste with other hazardous liquid or products. In the same way, take care that the contents of the container do not mix with non-hazardous substances such as clean water. This will only make the recycling process more complicated.

Take responsibility for the petroleum-based products you use. Store them in the right containers and find reputable companies that will recycle, store, or dispose of them.

Most importantly, follow oil storage building regulations instituted in the UK, particularly in England, Northern Ireland, and Scotland to ensure your home’s safety.

6 Australians Myths about Asbestos that Die Seriously Hard

Asbestos Myths in AustraliaAsbestos used to be one of the most versatile mineral used in Australia’s construction industry. But the discovery of its fatal health risks has forced the government to ban everything asbestos in the market. Inhaling asbestos fibres could lead to serious respiratory problems and even lung cancer.

Now, no thanks to its winning qualities, such as heat and electric insulation, tensile strength, chemical inertness and, most importantly, affordability, about one-third of all Australian homes today are still built with asbestos products.

However, despite the alarming level of threat it poses throughout the country, a great number of Aussies still doesn’t fully understand its inherent dangers. Even if you know about a great deal about it, there’s a good chance your idea is misguided. Like these six:

It’s Already Banned, So the Threat Is Gone

Although asbestos hasn’t been in use in home building since the ‘80s, it was only banned in the country on December 31, 2003. This huge gap is a true cause for concern because you can only imagine how many more structures are built with this mineral dangerously, yet legally, in about two decades.

You can Tell an Asbestos-Containing Material When You See One

Only sampling and laboratory testing can tell whether a material contains asbestos or not. Absolutely, there’s no way to identify this mineral through pure visual inspection.

White Asbestos is Harmless

Asbestos of all forms can kill you. As a matter of fact, a large number of people died from inhaling white asbestos fibres.

Asbestos Exposure Has a Safe Level

There’s no such thing as a safe level when it comes to asbestos exposure. Even if you’ve never worked directly with asbestos all your life, your health would definitely be in jeopardy its fibres are released into the air.

You can Remove Asbestos Yourself

DIY asbestos is generally ill-advised. You may be allowed to remove up to 10 square metres of asbestos-containing materials, but you must strictly comply with rigorous removal and handling regulations.

In most cases, you should hire professionals. According to Kwik Skips, there are many providers of skip bins in Jandakot, Scarborough, Clarkson and other rising Perth suburbs offering asbestos removal services. They provide valuable information about the legal procedure for disposing of this type of waste.

Insurance Policies Cover Anything Asbestos-Related

Most home, public liability insurance, and motor vehicle policies exclude anything related to asbestos. In short, if you remove materials containing this mineral yourself and lead to contamination, you can’t expect any coverage for the clean-up costs and other expenses related to the incident.

It pays to understand everything you can absorb about asbestos. If you feel that paying for its removal is a waste of money, wait until you learn its real cost should you dispose of it incorrectly.

Should You Downsize the House For Your Retirement Years?

Buying a House in Utah

Buying a House in UtahNow that you’re at your retirement age, you may consider downsizing your home. It’s the typical response to the children leaving the coop, and when mobility begins to be a problem. Here are a few pointers on making your home retirement-friendly.

Knock Down Your Walls

As you grow older, you need to widen your movement area. Go with open floor plans. However, you may have to pay extra for removing a wall or installing a large door on a wall. Knock down the dining room wall to open up both the kitchen and the dining room.

Widen Your Doors

An alternative to breaking down walls is widening your doorways. Don’t forget to install lever-style doorknobs while you’re at it. This will cost you about a quarter of the cost of removing a wall, but it’s still an upgrade. Another option is to choose sliding glass doors or arches. Do this for your living room wall to make a wider space in your receiving area.

Change Levels

Now that bowing down to plug in that gadget has become an ordeal, consider repositioning them at shoulder or eye level. For the kitchen, request for different levels of counters, such as table-level, breakfast bar level, and standard counter height. This will allow you to use these counters depending on your body’s physical capacity for the day.

Homeowners over 62 years old can use the home equity for a reverse mortgage, Altius Mortgage says. Spend the money you receive for such renovations.

Once you’ve had a construction firm give you an estimate for these changes, you’ll know the changes you can afford. Confirm the costs with a reputable mortgage company in Utah to see how much the changes will require from you. Here’s to hoping you’ll soon have the best house for your needs.