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Common Mistakes Sellers Make When Selecting a Real Estate Agent

Real Estate AgentHiring a professional realtor is one of the keys to selling your home successfully. There are hundreds of realtors to choose from. But choosing a great Realtor to market your property is essential if you want to get maximum returns.

Nuigini Land and Properties outlines the mistakes you should avoid when selecting a real estate agent for your property in Papua New Guinea.

Working With Friends and Family

Friendship or family should not be used to determine an individual’s credentials. Instead, you should set high standards when choosing a real estate agent, the same way you would when hiring a physician or an attorney. True friends will understand that hiring is a business decision. As such, they will provide their credentials and compete fairly for the listing.

Hiring Based on Commission

The commission that a particular real estate agent charges is an integral factor to consider. But you should not make your decision based on that. You should be willing to hire a realtor with a good reputation, even if it will cost you more money. Besides, the real estate agents who charge the least commission do not always have expertise and experience.

Choosing Based on Property Pricing

Pricing a property rightly in Papua New Guinea real estate market is essential. Often, the price a home enters the market at determines if it will sell or not. The majority of home sellers make the mistake of hiring a realtor because he suggested the highest price. Before rushing to hire a real estate agent, you need to ask how he determined the price recommendation. Pricing your house correctly is paramount to attracting potential buyers. Also, pricing rightly prevents future problems with the bank substantiating the property value during appraisal.

Not Asking For References

It is also advisable to talk to references before hiring the real estate agent. Although it may feel uncomfortable calling people that you do not know, it is a crucial part of the hiring procedure. The references that your realtor provides should be recent.

Choosing a professional real estate agent plays a significant role in determining whether the home selling process is a success or not. Avoid hiring realtors based exclusively on property pricing and commission. Moreover, you ought to contact the dealer’s references before making any rash decisions.

Community Outreach Programs: Positive Effects on Your Business

Community Outreach ProgramsCommunity outreach programs are one way of giving back to the people that have made your business successful. No matter what type of business you’re involved in, social involvement should be one of your aims. First of all, it tells people that you care, and sometimes that’s all your brand needs to make a mark in society. There are ways to help if you have means, and businesses should always take this into careful consideration. Philanthropy can never be overstated.

Here are some of the things you can expect when you get involved in community outreach:

You Get to Help

This is the first and sometimes the only reason that matters. Less fortunate people may not have the means or access to what you offer. For example, a medical mission in a poor area in your community may give people much-needed medical attention. According to Mikorscan Distributed Pathology, you can even sponsor telepathology solutions if the area is too far and difficult to reach via traditional means. This technology will give people hope, and experts an opportunity to help or discover things that may help more people in the future.

You Get to be Visible

Of course, most businesses would rather sponsor activities that give them a little mileage. Your presence in a community is also an opportunity to let people know more about your brand, your products, and how they help answer a need. A simple banner showing what the outreach program is about plus your logo is all you need.

You Might Get Tax Deductions

This may sound a bit more self-serving, but using products for outreach programs may get you some tax deductions. Contact your local authority to find out whether you purchased something that qualifies.

Your Local Government Officials will Welcome your Activity

Before you even launch your community outreach program, you may need to get permits from local officials. Those officials will think highly of you if you are consistently active in such programs. A little positive image with the government won’t hurt.

Community outreach programs don’t only help other people; they help you and your brand. Besides, being able to help is proven to have a positive effect on the outlook and health of everyone involved.

Smarter Borrowing: Personal Loan Checklist to Avoid Financial Traps

Personal LoanTaking out a new loan can be the smartest move or the most dangerous financial action you can do.

If you have no prior knowledge of personal loans, the experience can be scary — but don’t fret just yet.

When in doubt, it’s good to trust in an AP CREDIT Licensed Moneylender, instead of other unsecured loaning firms. For your security, below is a list of information to help you understand the tricky business of personal loaning.

Don’t Bite More Than What You Can Chew

The most appealing thing about personal loans is the promises made by persistent loan agents. It may be a low-interest rate, a longer loan period or a tempting laidback repayment term. With this, you quickly become confident to borrow higher amounts that you wouldn’t normally have. If you suddenly can’t pay, this is where your debts will start to pile up.

Believe Only Half of Fix Rate Guarantees

Personal loans have fixed interest rates to give the borrower confidence. But, there is also such a thing as occasional variable rate loans that can increase the fixed value without your knowledge.

Learn the Basic Lingo

Standard annual percentage rates let you determine if you can make your ends meet. To avoid incurring any extra loan charges, know the different values involved in your repayment terms.

Keep an Eye Out for Friendly Loans

Though rare, friendly loans or loans that allow you to pay back your debt early is an excellent way to cut back on the loan interest rates. As soon as you recovered your investment, you can pay everything back with minimal losses.

Know the Exact Origination and Miscellaneous

Every loan transaction costs a firm something, and you’re going to pay that too along the way. To know the accurate value of what you’re trying to repay back, learn about the origination fees and miscellaneous fees.

There are no real savings when you talk about loaning as it will ultimately lead you to pay up in the end. No matter how handsome the offers are, keep in mind that everything promo or offers are meant to extract money from you. The only one who has your best interests is yourself.

Why Worry about Wedding Decorations When You Can Plan Ahead

Wedding Preparation

Wedding PreparationSelecting the type of wedding decorations will depend on the theme of your wedding. For example, if you have opted for a big outdoor wedding, with a wedding tent, then you should choose your decorations to suit a festive summer marriage. You can consult wedding organizers to find out the type of decorations that can be easily put up. Ensure that you adhere to the safety measures to prevent ant mishaps.

For outdoor weddings that require tents or some such, wedding tent rental services such as Apres Party and Tent Rental can provide you with the basic decorative items. However, if you want some customized decor, you can consider the following:

  • Paper lanterns: Normally paper lanterns are suitable for a wedding reception held in the evening. The gentle light exuded by paper lanterns will provide the venue with an elegant and serene atmosphere.
  • Floral decorations: Floral decorations are absolutely essential for any wedding party. You can choose bright coloured flowers or more elegant ones like orchids or lilies. The flowers should be so arranged that they add colour and pomp to the tent as well as make the guests feel welcomed.
  • Colour coordination: You can use drapes inside the tent, however, their colours should be coordinated with the other decorations being used inside. The drapes should be put in an inconspicuous manner so that they do not decrease the space available inside the tent.
  • Choosing a centerpiece: The cake or the centerpiece of the wedding adds to the beauty and fun inherent in a wedding party. You can choose a normal tiered cake or go for more innovative ideas like cakes commemorating something special between the bride and groom.

Your wedding will be the most memorable day of your life. So choose the decorations carefully and make a wonderful memory.

What You Need to Know About Abrasive Blasting

Abrasive Blasting

Abrasive Blasting in ChristchurchAbrasive blasting is a significant process in preparing metal surfaces for coating. It cleans the substrate by removing the contaminants, such as rust and previous paint. It also speeds up the surface preparation process by up to 75%.

Abrasive Blasting as a Foundation

Abrasive blasting functions like a foundation of a building. Euro-Blast NZ Ltd notes that if a metal surface was poorly prepared or it did not undergo abrasive blasting at all, the performance of the final and top coating will be most likely poor. Since durable coating is essential for many industries, it is significant to invest in abrasive blasting.

Removing the Contaminants

As mentioned above, cleaning the surface is one of the major functions of abrasive blasting. The removal of contaminants is important because if they remained on the surface, they can interfere with the adhesion of the coating. These contaminants can draw moisture, which could lead to blistering and faster corrosion of the underlying metal.

Anchor Pattern in Abrasive Blasting

Coatings find it hard to stick to very smooth surfaces. Abrasive blasting does not only clean the surface, but it also roughens the surface with a series of tiny valleys and peaks to create a surface profile. The tiny peaks and valleys look like an anchor pattern, and they are the anchor points where coatings adhere. Thus, anchor patterns through abrasive blasting are essential to achieve durable coatings.

Methods and Media

There are various types of abrasive blasting, such as hydro blasting, dry ice blasting, and bead blasting. The process uses a wide range of mediums, including aluminium oxide grit, silicon carbide grit, and glass beads. Experts in this process help people select the right method and medium for certain metal surfaces.

To protect the metal surfaces for a very long time, they need durable coatings. But long-lasting coatings are only possible if the metal surface underwent the process of abrasive blasting.

What Not to Do When Installing a Fencing System

Fencing SystemThe exterior of your home matters just as much as the interior. This is why gardens, driveways and fences are all important. After all, these elements do contribute to the property’s curb appeal. Not all homeowners, however, get their fences right. Some overlook easy mistakes that end up costing them hundreds of dollars.

Of course, you would want to avoid such blunders. Fences may be beautiful, but they can get pricey, especially if you commit some mistakes. The best way to avoid these mistakes is by knowing them. fencing specialists weigh in on what these errors are:

Erroneous Excavations

Once you have processed the necessary documents to install a fence, you get to dig holes for the fence posts. This becomes a problematic aspect of fencing for many because they overlook what may be underground. Excavations on the wrong parts of the property result in damaged underground cables and other utility lines. Map out where these are before starting digging.

Miscalculated Measurements

Most people dislike math, but it’s essential if you want to have a properly installed fence in your home. Measurements are a key factor – and also, a problem – when installing a fence. You need to know how wide of a distance you need in between fence posts. It’s also important to get the right measurements for the total amount of fencing material needed.

Placement Problems

When installing fences, you would want to get it right the first time. After all, it’s not cheap to just reposition and move all the fence posts and wires. You should pinpoint the right locations for each post before you do anything. The gate should be in a spot where the drainage is decent and erosion is rare. Consider foot traffic as well.

These three problems are very easy to miss, so you should be extra careful when handling a fencing project. As long as you avoid these, you can create beautiful enclosures for your home without overspending.

Road Safety Barriers: Preventing Fatalities and Damage to Property

Safety Barriers

Safety BarriersOne vehicle can cause a chain of accidents. This is the most likely scenario if there are no road safety barriers, such as parapet rails, bridge rails, wire rope, and proprietary systems. Nonetheless, fatalities and vehicular damage can be prevented. Authorities usually assess the needs of potential risk areas and determine the most appropriate infrastructure to install to improve road safety.

Barrier Systems to Boost Road Safety

Reports attribute a large number of deaths and injuries to vehicular accidents. As further explains, road barriers protect motorists and pedestrians alike. There are three major categories for these barriers: flexible barrier systems, semi-rigid barrier systems, and rigid barrier systems.

Modern road safety structures in Australia are low-maintenance structures usually made from recyclable materials. They are durable and reliable with long service life. High performance structures can effectively reduce deflection during collisions.

What is the Most Preferred Type of Road Safety Infrastructure System?

Wire rope safety barrier or WRSB systems are associated with the lowest severity upon vehicular impact. Essentially, the barrier is composed of steel wire ropes mounted on posts that are strong enough to catch anything. A vehicle caught in the net slows down, as the steel wires flex and fold. This causes the vehicle to return to its lane. The structure’s design prevents the collision of approaching traffic with poles, trees, and other vehicles on the road.

The great thing about this system is it also protects the occupants of the vehicle by absorbing some of the impact. The amount of dynamic deflection is the primary consideration for this type of road safety system.

When high performance barrier systems are in place, there are risks for accidents. The structures are also large enough to keep the vehicle upright, reducing human injuries and damage to property.

Why You Should Send Your Child to a Boarding School for Boys


StudentParents always want the best for their kids. And sometimes, it takes more than just sending them to school or providing their needs. Discipline is a very important aspect of parenting and raising a responsible and independent person. Not all children are alike, some may need professional assistance in helping them take the right path, and these are boarding schools for boys.

History and pop culture have given people the wrong impression about these educational institutions. The depiction of what’s a boarding school like as shown on TV and films aren’t very accurate and, often times, are exaggerated.

Here are some reasons why sending your child to boarding school may be one of the best decisions you will make for your boy:

Less social pressure

Believe it or not, children already face social pressure from their classmates and peers at a very young age. Since boys mature later than girls, relating to the opposite sex while they are still in their younger years can be stressful for some young boys.

Leadership skills

Since boarding school provide students with benefits not typical in a conventional school. Children learn how to be independent and work with a team at the same time, something that may come later when attending a regular school.

Many may not be aware, but a lot of today’s successful entrepreneurs, professionals, and leaders came from boarding schools. There is no doubt how discipline has played a part in their success in life.

Great teachers and sports facilities

A great teacher can make any subject interesting. This is what sets a great one from all others, and your child is sure to enjoy this at a boarding school. Not only that, most boarding schools are equipped with exceptional recreational and sports facilities that will help hone their talents.

If your teens have emotional and psychological issues, Heritage Treatment Center recommends sending them to therapeutic priograms dedicated to heal teens who may be struggling mentally or emotionally. When your child is ready, you can send him to an excellent boarding school where he can socialize with fellow teens.

If you are still not sold in boarding schools, you can visit the one nearest you, and see how it differs from a regular school. You can also take your child with you and see how he feels about attending there.

The Real Deal behind the HARP Program: How It Helps

home refinance

home refinanceFor borrowers who have very little equity in their homes, locating a lender who will help refinance the mortgage can be quite difficult. The same is true for those who have a bigger loan than the value of their homes.

Refinancing, fortunately, is still an option for those who have remained on top of their mortgages, as well as those who have Fannie Mae- or Freddie Mac-backed mortgages.

This is through the Home Affordable Refinance Program or HARP.

Making Refinancing Possible

The HARP Program, launched in March 2009, provides borrowers who meet the qualifications the opportunity to refinance their mortgages. According to the experts at Direct Mortgage Loans, borrowers can refinance their mortgages with the program without worrying about getting a new or an increase in their mortgage insurance. Those who have 80 per cent or higher loan-to-value (LTV) ratios, even those who were delinquent, can take advantage of this program.


With the HARP program, you can enjoy lower monthly payments and reduced interest rates. You can also switch to a fixed-rate mortgage loan, which can protect you from the sudden and sometimes shocking spikes in adjustable-rate mortgage rate spikes. It can also provide you with a way to build equity in your home faster. There are also fewer requirements to submit, which can save both your time and money.

HARP Qualifications

There are several requirements you have to meet to qualify for HARP. Aside from those previously mentioned, you also need to have no payment delinquencies in the last 6 months, and for months 6 to 12 before that, just one late payment not exceeding 30 days. You can also qualify as long as the home you want to enroll in the program is a primary residence, a second home, or an investment property.

As long as you meet these qualifications, and you want to enjoy all the benefits the program can deliver, then you should really consider refinancing through it.

Warning: Faulty Furnace is Dangerous to Your Health

Furnace Health Risk

Furnace Health RiskBreathing air is okay. Breathing clean, fresh air is much better.

Air quality is very important for everyone, especially in terms of health. Today, a number of illnesses occur due to pollution in the air — indoors or outdoors. Indoor air quality is more important compared to the latter because people mostly spend their time inside of their homes, especially during cold months. To warm themselves, they rely on the trusted furnace to provide comfort.

Furnaces are handy fixtures that offer warmth during the winter season. But once these develop faults, they pose a threat to you and your family.

Common Furnace Issues

Since furnaces deal with heat, some of its parts are unable to withstand the high temperatures. Worn-out parts may lead to serious accidents due to the heat exchangers. Because these are prone to damages, faulty exchangers lead to carbon monoxide leaking in your home, which is hazardous to your health.

The simple accumulation of dust on your furnace can also cause trouble if you’re not careful. Failure to maintain your furnace causes problems in the long run. The debris and dust in the motor suspends the air in your home, which pollutes the indoor air. Toxin-filled air leads to health problems such as allergies, asthma and other respiratory problems.

Finally, there’s the issue of old furnaces. Due to its worn-out parts, older furnaces are at risk of malfunctioning. These can produce more carbon monoxide than what your home can handle. As a result, your family is also at risk of other serious diseases and accidents.

Save Yourself — Get Some Maintenance

According to LaSalle Heating and Air Conditioning, furnace repair and maintenance is vital in maintaining your good indoor air quality. Some homeowners brush off the need for routine check-ups, but doing so increases the risks inside their homes. In addition, if the furnace lacks proper maintenance, you run the risk of particulates.

Regular repairs and maintenance ensure that your furnaces are in good condition. HVAC specialists will examine all parts of your model, offer solutions, and recommendations for a fully-functioning furnace.

Don’t take your furnace issues for granted. Keep your family safe from health risks with a fault-free furnace and enjoy toasty comfort in peace.