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Understanding Fiber Optic Transceivers

Fiber opticFiber optic transceivers are basically computer chips that communicate with other devices using fiber optic technology. In contrast with chips that electronically transfer information or communicate data through circuits and metal wires, or by using different wave forms, optical transceiver chips come in the form of integrated circuits (ICs) that use optical fiber to send and receive data.

The GLC-LH-SM is a good example of a fiber optic transceiver. A small-sized transceiver, the GLC-LH-SM specs include a working wavelength of 1300 nm, 1 Gbps data range, 10 km data range, and LC Duplex connector. It is easy to use with no need for complex configuration and is hot swappable.

Types of Optic Fiber Transceivers

Today, you can find a wide variety of fiber optic transceivers on the market. Some of the distinguishing features are the speed with which the devices transmit data, the type of connections available, and their packing forms. Depending on the package you need, the more common types of fiber optic transmitters on the market are the SFP+, SFP, Xenpak, X2, and GBIC. In terms of the fiber type that the device connects to, the options include multi-mode (MM), single mode (SM), and WDM fiber (DWDM, CWDM modules).

How Fiber Optic Transceivers Work

When using fiber optic technology, data or information is transmitted as light pulses. To make the light pulses usable by an electronic device, they have to be converted into electrical form. The data links in fiber optic transceivers have a transmitter that converts electrical signals into optical signals that are then paired with a connector and sent via a fiber optic cable. The light coming from the cable’s end is paired with a receiver. There, the detector converts the light into an electrical signal once again. The light source used can either be a laser diode or an LED.

Knowing the different types of optic transceiver packages available on the market for various applications is important. This will help ensure that the equipment you will buy is suited for your particular needs.

3 Benefits of Using Payroll Software in Your Business

Payroll Software

Payroll SoftwareOperating your payroll manually increases the chances of committing errors. Fortunately, gone were the years when you had to do everything manually. Today’s technology allows many aspects of running a business to be automated, including payroll. But if you’re small-scale entrepreneur constantly tight on funds, you may find yourself wondering if it’s even worth spending for.

Actually, good payroll system is a great investment for your small business. This is because it helps you to plan well, manage your employees’ calendar, and keep track of your expenses. It offers a cost effective way of running your business as it saves you time associated with retrieval of data, submission of tax returns, and management of employee’s salaries.

The following are some of the benefits your business stands to gain quality from a payroll system.

Helps you to avoid legal trouble. With payroll software, your business will have a solid foundation for regulatory compliance. This is because the payroll software notifies you on the latest tax updates. Once your business has the Employer Identification Number from the Internal Revenue Service, the payroll software will enable you to make tax deductions.

Meets the specific needs of your business. Payroll software enables you to track payroll metrics, basic salary and tax calculations, and direct deposit needs of each employee. In order to ensure efficient operations for your business, you need to find a software program that matches your company’s profile.

Keeps your records organized. Firms have a legal obligation to keep statutory records for a designated purpose and period. To this end, it is important for your business to establish an organizational system that can help store important documents such as tax forms and tax deposit dates. Payroll software offers an effective way of retrieving past data.

Through an efficient payroll software, errors are reduced and your business runs more smoothly. And of course, that’s the goal of every business owner. 

The Benefits of Using Dance Studio Manager Software


SoftwareDance studio managers have a lot on their job description list. They’re responsible for scheduling appointments, creating programs for the clients, and promoting and marketing the business. They also find the right instructors for the sessions and keep track of information that is important for running the studio.

These are just some of the things they do. To help them out, dance studios should consider the solution of getting business management software specifically designed for dance studios. Here are some reasons for using dance studio software, according to The Studio Director:

1.  More Economical in the Long Run

More employees mean additional paychecks to be made. Even with the cost of the initial purchase of the program and its updates and maintenance, using software is still more affordable than having to pay extra salaries.

2.  More Accuracy, Less Errors

A mistake in any of your records can cost your company. This is especially true with accounting, especially with large figures. With everything automated, there would be fewer chances of errors in computations and data input. Even the tiniest details related to customer information and appointments would not be difficult to track. You can easily access information when you need it.

3.  More Customized Features

There are dance studio manager software programs that can be customized to your own studio’s needs–and that goes beyond placing your company’s logo and pictures. There are even features that allow your clients and even your soon-to-be customers to connect with you online. Scheduling appointments and looking for information has never been easier, since these programs can also connect to an online database. Going online means you can get your data from anywhere, either through your office computer, your home PC, or even your mobile device.

There are still jobs within the studio that need qualified people. A software solution, however, can make running your business a lot easier.

On the Road to Business Success: Why You Need an On-Call Database Administrator

database privilege access

database privilege accessVirtually all businesses today are reliant on databases – cloud or otherwise – and with good reason. Having an advanced database makes data analysis and management infinitely easier. But, while these systems are efficient, they are not self-maintaining. And despite their complexity, they still require the supervision and care of a human set of eyes and hands.

It’s important to keep the database up and running. In the case of work that gets interrupted when the service encounters problems, database systems do require hands-on support and attention. This is why it’s essential to enlist the aid of an on call DBA (Database Administrator) whenever possible.

Division of (DBA) Labour

A DBA is expected to fulfill three major roles in the course of his maintenance duties: the operations DBA, involved in the ongoing monitoring and care of production databases; the development DBA, which involves planning, designing and implementing new applications and changes to the system; and the data administrator role, which involves organizing and monitoring all the data of an organization.

The Operations DBA

An operations DBA focuses on user feedback and planning for scheduled maintenance tasks for the day, week, and month. Out of all the job responsibilities of the DBA, this is perhaps the most routinary.

The Development DBA

Lovingly known as “the architect” in many organisations, the development DBA specialist is in charge of writing change scripts, testing them before they are released on the production floor, and coming up with design, security and other modifications for process improvement.

The Data Administrator Role

The data administrator is in charge of monitoring, organising and securing the all-important corporate metadata of the company. Having an actual data administrator on the team will certainly improve your processes, the quality of data and even the way you meet your deadlines.

Investing in a great database system for your company is definitely a smart move; remember, though, that you’ll always need to have a specialist on-call for any urgent database problems you may encounter.

Eenie, Meeny, PPC, SEO: Choosing Which Works Best for Your Digital Brand

digital media

Many Australian business owners looking to improve their brand’s online presence often find themselves caught between employing organic SEO services and pay-per-click advertising. There are benefits and drawbacks for both.

digital media

Making the right selection depends on the business’ goals and budget.To give you a clearer understanding of their differences, here are some things you should know:

How They Work

Bambrick Media says that organic SEO, in simple terms, is the optimisation of a website to increase its relevance to search terms and boosting its ranking on search pages. Pay per click, on the other hand, is a marketing model that involves making bids on targeted keywords. An ad shows up on the top portion of search results, which advertisers pay for depending on the number of clicks it receives

Time Efficiency

In terms of time efficiency, PPC has the advantage because unlike SEO, pay-per-click starts producing results the moment a campaign starts. SEOis a longer process and requires ongoing efforts to get long-lasting results in rankings. PPC, on the other hand, automatically places the website on the search engine’s first page as long as the advertising campaign lasts.

Long-Term Return

When it comes to returns on your investment that is for the long haul, SEO scores over PPC. While SEO results take longer to achieve the desired results, they tend to last longer. SEO also increases the site’s value and impacts ranking, leading to more inbound traffic and consequently, potential leads.

Immediate Results

PPC wins over SEO, when it comes to short-term returns on your investments because it provides faster results. Traffic starts flowing to the website immediately, as soon as you start the campaign.

Traffic Volume

When it comes to traffic, SEO is the winner because eighty five per cent of clicks that result from searches are on organic links as against sponsored links. That’s why SEO brings in more traffic as compared to PPC.

Ultimately, the battle is evenly split between SEO and PPC, especially when it comes to conversions and costs. You just have to pick which strategy works best for your campaign.

Three Ways to Make Your Family Vacation Video Come Alive

Vacation Video

Family vacations are something to be cherished. In this fast-paced world, it is a rare treat to spend your time with your loved ones. What better way to make the memories last than by making a video souvenir of your latest adventures?

In the old days, people used photo albums and vintage handheld video tape recorders to document their family outings. These days, however, you can improve your vacation snippets using some of the advanced digital tools like After Effect templates or Photoshop filters.

Vacation Video

Here are some of the ways you can enhance your family vacation video:

Photo Album Template

You can recreate the old-style of making vacation mementos by using photo album AE templates. Take inspiration from the ready-made ones you can find online or download them from AE template libraries. This will give your video a touch of nostalgia.

Stock Footage

Sometimes, you do not have the time to film every moment you have when you are on vacation. Good thing you can use stock footage from online sources to incorporate into your outing video. For instance, if you missed shooting the landscape of the Angkor Wat ruins, simply find footage that matches your recollection of your trip there then use that as part of your production.


Music completes the feel of your family vacation video. Choose a happy tune or anything that reminds you of your trip. For an added twist, make a rendition at the end of your video.

These are just some of the things you can do to improve your video. There are many more ways to add creativity and color. The important thing is that you highlight how much fun you had with your family.