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Pro Tips: Ways to Sift Out a Legit Car Dealer from the Rest

Car DealerCar dealers are probably one of the most persistent marketers around. Well, you can’t exactly blame them because the competition is just too tight for anyone to ease up. With this, it’s hard to determine to know which one is actually giving the right value. And when you happen to get an unusually low price, there’s still doubt.

That’s why, according to Boettcher Motors, a car dealership specialist from Ipswich, you need to have set of rules to know who’s telling the truth. Everyone should understand that car dealership is a business, so no matter who you talk to, they’re always trying to make a sale. But despite all that, there’s still a difference that matters in a car dealership.

Below are things to watch out for in car dealer.

Reviews and Ratings

It’s almost impossible for a car dealership to have no reviews. Since a client ultimately buys a car, of course, he is bound to comment something. Whether it’s a good feedback or not, you should always pay attention.

Date of Establishment

The car dealership is a tough business centred on patience. In the industry of car dealing, the older the company the more people trust it.

Check the BBB

Always make it a habit to check the Better Business Bureau and related consumer complaints website. Through this, you can immediately get a glimpse of any complaints about a particular business. It’s a good way to start your background check and save you from later troubles.

Customer Service

For experimental purposes, try to drop a call in your prospect car dealership’s customer service line and ask about an imaginary order. See how well they can handle your concerns. And if they can’t take care of your made-up order, then it gives you a lot of to think about already.

The Condition of the Car Dealership Facilities

How a dealership care for its staff and business ultimately reflects the condition of the car you’re going to get, if ever. So if it looks organised and well-maintained, then the car you’re getting is probably not too far off.

A legit car dealership isn’t all about the car it offers. There many subtle factors that can tell you exactly the real quality of their products.

5 Things Not To Do When Renting a Car at Perth Airport

Car Rental in PerthYou have finally arrived at Perth airport in Western Australia; the next thing is to get to know the city. Cheap car hire at the airport is, obviously, the most preferable mode of transport. However, if you don’t choose well this decision may end up causing you to be rather stressed out. Aries Car Rental lists 5 mistakes top avoid when you are hiring a car at the airport.

1. Not Finding Out About Hidden Fees

Many people do not realise the enormity of hidden fees until it is too late. Some of the potential hidden fees you should know about before you drive include administrative fee, refuelling surcharge, early return fee, and premium location surcharge.

2. Failing to Research about the Company 

In a big city such as Perth, there is a good chance of meeting an unreliable car hire company. In view of this, make sure you perform thorough research about a company so that you can have a hassle-free stay in the city.

3. Failing to Inspect the Car 

Either due to hurry or mere ignorance, some people do not bother to check a rental car for potential damage but this is very important. You can even opt to take photos, just to protect yourself from blame when you return the car.

4. Failing to Check for a Refuelling Station

Failing to check for a convenient fuelling station immediately after picking up the car sets the stage for many problems later on. For example, you may be late for your return flight as you drive around looking for a place to refuel. Find a local station when you have enough time.

5. Not Booking in Advance 

This is something else that may cause you a lot of hassle. Sometimes there is a huge influx of people in need of rental cars and you may find it hard to get one. You can avoid this hitch by booking online at least one week in advance.

Avoiding the mistakes listed and you can save money, not to mention enjoy the city much better.

Guide for Beginners: The Four Levels of Vintage Car Restoration

Car RestorationMany car enthusiasts are into vintage car restoration. A lot of them not only do this as a hobby or to expand their collection, but also as a business. It is a highly profitable business, but as with any other business, it requires skills and knowledge, according to the experts from Clear Renew.

If you want to enter this kind of business, you may need some guidance from the pros. A highly successful classic car restoration expert would probably advise you to start with understanding the type of restoration you wish to have. Classic car enthusiasts recognise different levels of car restoration. The amount of restoration mainly depends on how you plan to use the vehicle after.

Here are the four levels of car restoration and what you need to know about them.

Driving condition

The goal of restoration is to make an old car operational. It may involve parts replacement and only minor adjustments to the vehicle’s aesthetics. Basically, this is what you would do is you want to have a sleek and cool 1940s model for daily driving use.

Street show condition

Street show vintage vehicles are restored to working condition without any cosmetic issue. They are the works that would receive 80-89 points when judged by restoration professionals. The cosmetic features may not be fully restored to the original model’s features.

Show car condition

Professionals rather than hobbyists and beginners often do this level of restoration. You may need to hire a vintage car restoration specialist to have a vehicle with the show car condition. These cars would receive a score of 90-95 points when professionally judged.

Concourse condition

This is recognised as the highest level of restoration you could do to a vintage car. Obviously, it’s also the most expensive. Furthermore, it’s not something for beginners, needless to say. Cars of concourse condition are not meant to be used. They are usually made for private collectors and displayed at auto shows.

Car restoration can be challenging in the beginning, but later on, you’ll see it’s truly worthwhile. All you need is patience, some research, and maybe a help from professional restorers.

The Auto Loan Boom: Another Meltdown in the Making?

Auto Loan

Auto Loan in MichiganAuto loans are racing past previous records, but we may only be running on fumes.

Americans have taken more than $110 billion in auto loans. In six months. The Federal Reserve Bank of New York stated in their April-September 2015 report that $70 billion of the staggering figure has gone to consumers with credit scores below 620 — which is never the favored setup.

Awfully Familiar

The number is truly impressive, but face value rarely means good news to the country’s astute analysts. Professionals from Kalsee Credit Union explain that the concern derives from how reminiscent the situation is of past loan-related meltdowns. They note that any loan given to an individual with a low credit score is essentially subprime, and does not make for thrilling statistics.

If you are familiar with the term, you know that subprime loans have served as the foundation of the world’s worst economic crises. They are risky, and shouldn’t represent more than 25% of the nation’s total lending at any given time. Yet, here we are swimming in $70 billion of subprime loans, on top of a $12.1 trillion total household borrowing. Records are being broken left and right, and whether they would pay off is still a mystery.

Silver Lining

Of course, none of these is set in stone. Optimistic economists see the high auto loan figures as a sign of increasing consumer confidence, both in the loans and in their ability to pay for them. Subprime loans pose greater overall risk for the economy, especially when said risk ends up dwarfing Michigan’s total 2015 budget.

What does this mean for the future? Is another meltdown upon us? Kalsee analysts say it is a long shot. The nature of auto loans, even when payment agreements go sideways, is far safer compared to housing loans. Repossessing cars are faster and easier than repossessing homes, so they assure that with proper handling, an auto loan meltdown is a distant possibility.

The auto loan industry is in a healthy state right now. Economists cannot deny that there is some sort of economic crash PTSD at play, but all signs point to the lending market for cars as relatively safe. After all, there are only so many ways we can make cars crash.

Why Having a Car Camera is Important Nowadays

In-car camera in SingaporeProtect yourself, your privacy, and of course your car by installing a car camera inside your car. There are many benefits of having in-car camera in Singapore, which include protection against insurance fraud as well as prevention of road rage attacks. In fact, an in-car camera also serves as a great investment for a car owner.

Below are some of the many benefits of having this as one of your car feature:

Car Security Camera

You can use this as a car security camera. This allows you to capture and monitor everything that is going on around your car while driving even when parked. Most car cameras have special features such as night vision to help you monitor the road while driving even during at night. They also have a long battery life.

Avoid Insurance Disputes

Crash for cash is a very popular vehicle-based crime and if you haven’t heard about this, trust us, you don’t want to experience this. By recoding video evidence of a road accident can help build a court case. For those who want to secure their vehicles all the time can install an outdoor car camera which can also be assimilated to a wired or wireless home video system depending on its features.

Protection Against Road Rage Attacks

Having a car camera installed helps prevent road rage attacks because some offenders tend to   diffuse the situation when they see a surveillance camera. You can record and monitor what is happening, helping you gain evidence in case the situation gets worse.

Car camera, also called dash camera, isvery in-demand nowadays for many car owners as it helps record videos  to protect motorists in the case of a road accident because generally it will provide you video images of the incident that can include the vehicles registration plate of the offender.

Are Car Dealerships Worth the Trouble?

Car Dealer

Car Dealer in IndianapolisAmong many other things, the inventions of cars has to be one of the best things to have happened to mankind. Cars have eased movement from one point to another. They used to be solely functional back when they were first made, but as time moved on cars became both functional and luxurious (not to mention quite comfortable).

Nowadays, people can get cars for both the comfort and functionality. Enter the Chevy Impala, a car that would fulfill any man’s dream in terms of comfort and functionality. Some people might wonder why you should go to a dealership for your car. Blossom Chevrolet lays out some reasons below:

  • Quality Service

Going to your car’s dealership, for instance a dealership in Indianapolis, will give you the opportunity to experience good service. This means that you will get your problem solved and, if necessary, ailing parts replaced. If you are looking for a new car then they’ll have different models and can help you find the one that suits your budget.

  • A Variety of Cars

A dealership would normally deal with a specific make of cars. So your best bet of finding the car of your dreams no matter what make or model is to go to a dealership. They can provide you with both new and used cars. The used cars will have been tested and inspected for quality, so you can rest assured that you’re getting good value for your money.

These are only two of the many reasons that you should visit your local dealership. In case you are looking for a Chevy Impala in Indianapolis then be sure to visit the nearest one in your locale for the best selection of used and new cars.

Guide to Get Yourself a Good Secondhand Car

Auto loan rate in UtahWith the price of new cars getting higher every year, buying a second-hand one is often the only option for you to get a vehicle. However, there is uneasiness when buying a used car, as you don’t know what you will be getting. So, here are some useful tips to help you out when scouting.

  1. Know your budget

Here, you need to decide on how much you need to spend for a secondhand ride. For this, it would actually be a good idea for you to prepare two different budgets. The first one is the amount you want to spend on buying the car while the second one is the amount you want to spend to actually refurbish the car. These will help you in narrowing down your options.

It is better to buy in cash to get rid of interests, although you can also apply for a loan. Check online and look for the best auto loan rate in Utah.

  1. Research the car you are eyeing

If already have a particular car model in mind, then you ought to know all that there is to know about it. Go through the spec sheets and learn about the common problems associated with the car. Also, you need to know its price range, both old and new. Online forums are some of the best places to get the information you want.

  1. Thoroughly evaluate everything

Once you have the ride in front of you, make sure you inspect everything. Check the odometer readings. You can then compare that with the wear and tear present on the car to determine if these are indeed correct. You also ought to take a good sniff of the car’s interior. A strong pungent smell is often indicative that the car may have been flooded, which is why it is being sold.

  1. Bring your own mechanic

In case you are still not sure about the condition of the car you are going for, take a mechanic with you. He will scrutinize every nook and cranny of the ride and tell you all the problems. From there, he can give you an idea of the work that needs to be done to get it to a more presentable state and how much you will need for it.

  1. Evaluate the owner

This might seem odd, but getting to know the owner more will help you in gauging the worthiness of the car you are buying from him. Ask him the pertinent questions, such as how regularly was the car maintained and if he has neglected some tasks. Also, you have to see whether he is that eager to sell the car or not. If he already has previous transactions, get feedback from people he did business with. This will help you decide whether he is indeed trustworthy.

Knowing when to step back is also important. Think hard, is it really worth the price? Remember that you still have a lot of options to choose from, so don’t get frustrated about it.

Expert Help on Choosing Your First Motorcycle

First Motorcycle

First MotorcycleThere are many reasons people want to buy a motorcycle. Some people need it for faster daily commute; others have always been fascinated with it ever since they were kids. Some want it because it’s more fuel-efficient than a car. Many want it because of the intense rush it brings to its riders.

Whatever your reason for buying a motorcycle, there are things you have to think about before purchasing one.  Here are some of them:

  1. New vs Used Motorcycle

A new motorcycle comes with a manufacturer’s warranty. However, new motorbikes are expensive. Experts advise new riders to buy a used bike instead, so when you decide motorcycling is not for you or you learn that you need a different type, you can easily sell it.

You can buy used motorcycles from private dealers or auctions. If you look meticulously, you can find used motorcycles in good condition. Ask for help from the dealers, if you find none. Some auction companies, like Pickles Auction, also offer insurance and warranty packages for used motorbikes.

  1. Size Matters

The size of the motorcycle should fit your body type. Make sure the weight of the bike is not too heavy for you. Seat height is important as well, since both of your feet should touch the ground when you sit on your bike. When choosing, sit on several different bikes to see which fits you.

  1. What’s Your Kind of Riding?

Choose the type of the motorbike depending on how you want to ride it. For instance, sports bikes are for people who see themselves as a racer. Standard motorcycles and scooters are for people who use it for commuting. People who want to add some adventure to their long daily commute may be cruiser-bike material.

The success of choosing the right bike all boils down to research. Gathering all the important information about the costs, bike types and sizes are necessary.  At the end of the day, all the research will be fruitful once you take your motorcycle for a memorable first joy ride.


For Your Car to Last, Regular Check-Ups Are Important

car check up

It is amazing how fast a car can go. This is especially true when you are watching exciting events such as Formula One races. Zooming part at unbelievable speeds, you can’t help but wonder how engineers do it.

While you may no longer be able to witness the daring and beautiful finish of race car legend Michael Schumacher, you are still pining for a car that caters to your fantasy and your need for speed.

car check upMany fail to realise that to get their cars operating at their best, they need to put in a considerable amount of care. They have to do a lot of maintenance for their most prized possession, not only when things start going awry, but more importantly, on a regular basis.

Keeping your car road worthy

Ever since Henry Ford dreamt of a car for every family, no symbol of status has been as celebrated as a car. Still, a lot of car owners continue to misunderstand this marvel of engineering.

Looking at TV and online ads, everyone gets bombarded with information about products with near-magical properties that promise to work miracles for vehicles. They all claim to boost the performance of your car once you use them.

What these ads don’t mention is that more than using advanced formulas, it takes regular, proper care and maintenance to get your car running as efficiently as possible. No amount of wonder chemicals can ever take the place of good, old-fashioned car care.

Preventing disasters

From applying wax to your car to checking its bearings and parts, consistency pays huge dividends in making your car last. Car systems are a complicated matter and one should make sure to use quality automotive electrical supplies, notes Engineering Supplies. You would not want to run into trouble just because your car’s electrical parts are of such low quality that they’re wreaking havoc on the wirings.

Doing regular car care will give you a vehicle that you can boast of. You will also save yourself from dealing with all sorts of accidents.

Decal Care and Maintenance for RVs


RVPeeling or curling vinyl RV decals are common, but you can avoid these issues if you take care of your decals the right way. Vinyl decals for RV begin peeling or curling when it becomes brittle. Your decals may be damaged due to extreme scrubbing actions when cleaning the exterior of the RV, prolonged sun exposure, and harmful chemicals like petroleum distillates commonly included in waxes.

Caring for your Vinyl RV Decals

Vinyl mostly comprises your RV decals. When cleaning vinyl, don’t use anything that has abrasives and petroleum distillates. However, majority of waxes include different abrasives and petroleum distillates in their ingredients list. To protect your decals against these harmful ingredients, you must first treat them with a suitable surface protectant that can be easily applied and wiped off. The protectant will then repel or prevent the wax that you’re going to put over your decals.

According to Graphix Unlimited, use wax you use for your car when cleaning your RV and these can go over smooth decals for RV after applying a protectant. If your decals are textured, however, you can’t just use normal waxes; use non-staining wax sprays instead.

It is likewise inadvisable to use ordinary glues or adhesives for reattaching your decals as these can lead to more damage not only to your decals, but also to your RV’s exterior as well.

Consider a Cover for your RV

Covering your RV when parked or when you’re not planning to use it anytime soon is a great way to protect not only decals for RV, but also more importantly, the RV itself. Likewise, since all RV components made from rubber will be covered, they’ll be protected from the weather as well.

All these tips make sure that your RV and decals are always protected from rain, sun, snow, wind, and even hail, making certain that your decals and RV’s finish will last longer.