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What to Do if Your Child Refuses to Read


ReadingIt is frustrating to know that despite your best efforts to make reading enjoyable, your child might not show that much interest in the activity. If your child is one who hates reading, it can be difficult to figure out the best approach to respond to their behavior or even find new ways to motivate them.

Here are a few ways to encourage a reluctant reader:

Focus on Your Kid’s Interest

My Educational Solutions suggest examining your child’s interests or the things that excite or intrigue them. Through this, you can figure out the types of books or content that they may enjoy reading. Choose books that they are passionate about or let them choose the reading material themselves.

Don’t Limit it to Books

When motivating kids to learn, it is best to start small. Keep in mind that reading doesn’t always have to start with a chapter in a book. Many other texts and different genres can be worth reading for your kids. You may also want to talk about topics that they like or turn to reliable online sources that can be engaging and interesting for reluctant readers.

Read With Your Child

Shared reading can encourage young ones turning pages or your precious one reading the book on their own. To make shared reading more interesting, choose text that are engaging or will encourage discussion. Your kid’s friends and their parents can also create a book club to practice shared reading and discuss the topics in a welcoming environment.

Create the Right Atmosphere

In most cases, reluctant readers are those who struggle to read. This is why it is important to create a comfortable environment where reading is practiced and where kids are motivated to practice the habit. It is helpful to focus on your kids and give them direction to get the reading boost they need.

You don’t have to be so frustrated when your child refuses to read. Just keep an open mind and communicate with educators or teachers. You can also get help from educational consulting service providers to encourage your kids to read.

Productivity in Greenery: Plants in Your Office


OfficeMany studies prove that plants can positively affect work productivity. This encourages many corporate settings to adopt a greener approach to office design.

In what ways do plants create this atmosphere of productivity? Office service providers, such as, believe that indoor plants not only serve as office decoration, but also purify the air and make the office more conducive for work. These qualities may be contributing to the increase in efficiency among offices.

Further studies prove more benefits of having office plants. These include sparking creativity, lowering the rate of sickness, decreasing employee turnover, reducing stress and making work environments more comfortable. All of these are very important factors in encouraging work performance.

Here are some reasons to include plants in your office design:


Ornamental plants provide a diversion from views of paperwork and the computer screen. Colourful flowers and plant displays stabilise the mood and prepare the mind for productivity by increasing concentration. Employees can better come up with creative ideas and solve problems with the enhanced ambience in their workplace.


Plants also act as pollution absorbers and indoor air purifiers. Through natural processes, these reduce photochemical, volatile organic compounds and air pollutants in the office.


Companies that surround their employees with ornamental plants or provide gardens for relaxation find themselves with higher employee retention rate. The green view provides an escape and, together with other health and psychological benefits, eases employees of stress.


Comfort in the office depends on different factors, many of which plants can influence. Plants help in dehumidifying the air, buffering noise, and reducing airborne bacteria and mould growth. These contribute to an overall comfortable working environment.

It is never too late to go green and incorporate plants in your commercial interiors. With potted plants here and there, you can give that refreshing look to your office.

Too Much Work Will Kill You: Overexertion and Workers Compensation Claim


workers in QueenslandRecent reports show that long working hours and the combination of stress, raised blood pressure and unhealthy diet that come as a result are causing serious health problems in thousands of workers. Several surveys back up this notion and some reveal that doing more than 11 hours of work a day raised heart disease risks by a staggering 67%.

Grounds for Filing a Claim

If you caught a disease, sustained injuries or developed a medical condition leading to loss of income and pharmaceutical and medical expenses, says you are liable to claim for worker’s compensation with WorkCover Queensland. This type of cover pays the injured worker whilst they are unable to work due to the effect of the injuries.

In part with the Workers Compensation Claim, if you have been injured whilst at work and even whilst travelling to/from/for work, you are able to lodge a claim. Conversely, if the injury or disease was sustained due to fault on the employer’s part, either due to an unsafe system of work, inadequate equipment or long working hours, you can make a claim for damages against your employer.

Where Overworking Can Lead

Incidentally, several studies link long working hours with heart disease. Due to the prolonged exposure to psychological stress, a person is more likely to develop poor eating habits, lack of physical activity due to limited leisure time and high levels of the stress hormone cortisol. All of this combined boil down to the heightened risk for cardiovascular diseases.

Other than the higher risk of heart disease, overexertion at work also leads to more workplace emergencies. Due to the physical strain of long working hours, the employee could struggle or fail with physically demanding tasks such as carrying, lifting, lowering, pulling and pushing. While this would not merit a trip to the emergency room, it could decrease company productivity and disrupt work cycles.

There are select circumstances when long working hours would be difficult to avoid. But employees are suggested to take frequent breaks and rehydrate while working to reduce potential injuries. Employers, on the other hand, should train their workers on the dangers of overexertion and educate them on proper body mechanics.

Expanding Your Business Through Localization

Business Expansion

Business ExpansionWhether it be a new line of products or an additional office, your business will need to be on the right track before it expands. It is imperative that you take a good look at where your business is right now.

Have you achieved your initial goals? Can you afford the expansion? Is there a market for it? Are your people capable of handling the expansion? If you answered yes to all the questions, then your business is definitely ready for it.

While expansion may mean growth and branching out, sometimes focusing locally can bring your business to new heights. Here’s how:

Stronger Local Presence

Before stepping out of your comfort zone, you have to identify the “comfort zone. “ The same way for business, you have to identify just how strong your presence is locally and do so for all the other locations you’re planning to expand to. You can do this with the help of business consultants who can guide you.

With localization, you are able to refine your services even more and tailor them to the needs of your audience based on their location. Upon creating a presence that is relevant to their local needs, you create a niche and something for your consumers to look forward to.

Speaking the Language

This is where translation comes in. While your ads and campaigns might work in one area, it may not in another. Localizing your brand in order to cater to their location, culture, and social trends makes for a more effective campaign in expanding your business.

Once you expand your business, it is expected of you to cater to their needs and speak their language despite not being originally from the area. Localization prevents you from making literal translations of your slogans that can turn into a complete disaster, like China’s KFC where the closest translation of “finger lickin’ good” was “we’ll eat your fingers.”

Becoming Share-able

Nothing says viral than a business’s global approach in business. This is your chance to experiment and play around. As you change, your followers are able to familiarize themselves with your presence and image that you become a global brand.

Think McDonald’s and how their image in different states and countries differ greatly from each other. The variety of ways that the food chain portrays themselves without breaking character is an interesting concept to all that it’s become highly share-able content when it happens.

Think locally, expand globally, and see the success of your business expansion happen right before your eyes.

The Theme Park Effect: What it is and How it Lasts

The Theme Park Effect

The Theme Park EffectA commodity sells because consumers find great value in it. These days, the things that classify as such are no longer limited to products, structures or services. Experience also counts as a commodity today – which is why people travel, make art and go to theme parks.

Human beings find great value in these kinds of experiences, the types that are not easy to duplicate or unique in their own right. Visit any theme park in the world and you will see consumers, both young and old, exchanging money for a collective experience of innocent fun, delight and anticipation.

Whether you have tickets acquired from for Universal Studios Sentosa or to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Florida or to Italy’s Cinecitta World, the experience you are anticipating is likely going to be a viscera-tingling and nostalgia-inducing magic.

It could be the model of escapism found in rides promising a blurring of lines between reality and fantasy or the inescapable nostalgia in spectacles common across the park, but nobody ever really outgrows theme parks.

A State of Fantasy

It’s simple: like all things that transcend the passing of time, it’s in the ways with which a simple space can transport an adult to their childhood or a kid to the limitless realms of make-believe. The magic of theme parks have been captured accurately in the cult classic, The Catcher in the Rye:

“I felt so damn happy all of sudden, the way old Phoebe kept going around and around. I felt so damn happy, if you want to know the truth. I don’t know why. It was just that she looked so damn nice, the way she kept going around and around, in her blue coat and all. God, I wish you could’ve been there.”

It could be escapism; it could be the timelessness of the experience. Or more simply, it could be how every moment spent in a theme park is fleeting. A closed or abandoned park signifies the end of a season or the moment’s end: but once open, once inside, the feeling, the memory and the magic stays.

It stays long after.

There’s Such a Thing as Correct Lighting

Room Lighting

Room LightingInterior lighting is one of the make-or-break points in your home. Use it well and you get a 5-star paradise in your own living room, do it wrong and your deck becomes a wreck. The rule of thumb in determining the right lighting for a room is to think of all the things intended for it. Here are some lighting ideas that can illuminate more on the matter.


We will start with the kitchen because it’s the one section in your home with the most activity. From chopping spices to studying cookbooks, this area needs to be lighted properly.

In general, there are three types of lighting: ambient, task, and accent. Since your kitchen is a busy little haven, ambient lighting won’t suffice. You need task lights to help facilitate your movement around the kitchen. Overhead lights are great for cooking, while lower lights are perfect for lighting counter surfaces. You can also add a unique light fixture to spice up the area, according to this expert.


Bowery Lighting Imports puts it better than anyone can. “Bathrooms have evolved from a simply utilitarian space into a private retreat for relaxation, escape, and self-indulgence. The right lighting can make a bathroom even more inviting.” Apart from the basic overhead lighting, ambient sconces, vanity lights and semi-flush mounts are great additions that can create the relaxing atmosphere you’re going for.


When it comes to bedroom lighting, it’s always wise to go for cozy and ambient. Like your bathroom, your bedroom is a place for quiet and relaxation. Set the right mood by choosing intimate lights and sconces. You also have to consider the proper light for reading, like a reading lamp on the bedside table.

Living Room

Each household can have different uses for their living room. Some for watching TV and lounging around, and others for reading and playing board games. And others, all of the above. To be safe, go for three to four layers of lighting. These may include a chandelier for general lighting, wall sconces for mood and lamps for reading.

Simply, when it comes to choosing the right lighting, everything is left to purpose and execution. Let your light serve your needs, and not vice versa.

For Your Car to Last, Regular Check-Ups Are Important

car check up

It is amazing how fast a car can go. This is especially true when you are watching exciting events such as Formula One races. Zooming part at unbelievable speeds, you can’t help but wonder how engineers do it.

While you may no longer be able to witness the daring and beautiful finish of race car legend Michael Schumacher, you are still pining for a car that caters to your fantasy and your need for speed.

car check upMany fail to realise that to get their cars operating at their best, they need to put in a considerable amount of care. They have to do a lot of maintenance for their most prized possession, not only when things start going awry, but more importantly, on a regular basis.

Keeping your car road worthy

Ever since Henry Ford dreamt of a car for every family, no symbol of status has been as celebrated as a car. Still, a lot of car owners continue to misunderstand this marvel of engineering.

Looking at TV and online ads, everyone gets bombarded with information about products with near-magical properties that promise to work miracles for vehicles. They all claim to boost the performance of your car once you use them.

What these ads don’t mention is that more than using advanced formulas, it takes regular, proper care and maintenance to get your car running as efficiently as possible. No amount of wonder chemicals can ever take the place of good, old-fashioned car care.

Preventing disasters

From applying wax to your car to checking its bearings and parts, consistency pays huge dividends in making your car last. Car systems are a complicated matter and one should make sure to use quality automotive electrical supplies, notes Engineering Supplies. You would not want to run into trouble just because your car’s electrical parts are of such low quality that they’re wreaking havoc on the wirings.

Doing regular car care will give you a vehicle that you can boast of. You will also save yourself from dealing with all sorts of accidents.

Raise Your Dental Fees Without Compromising Quality

Dental Check up

Dental Check upToday’s trend is all about haggling and getting the lowest prices and fees for any form of service. In fact, there are so many tips and guidelines on how to lower even the fees for professional medical and dental care. This is a pressing concern, as this pushes many medical to sacrifice quality in the name of lower rates.

Here are the best ways to make sure that you could negotiate the best fees despite the current trends, and that you don’t compromise quality for affordability.

Coordinate with Insurance Providers

Insurance providers will give you the best deals if you foster a good relationship with them. Not only can you charge higher and negotiate dental fees with their help, they can bring a large pool of customers if you play your cards right.

Seek a Good Business Relationship with Leading Suppliers

One way to keep your fees considerably low and still gain great profit is by fostering patronage with your suppliers. Once you build a good business relationship with them, you can bet that they would give you bundle promos and discounted deals.

Hire an Agent

Of course, hiring a third party or an agent to help negotiate dental fees, says, is also an option. With their expertise in the field, they can bring you price rating options that would have been otherwise unavailable to the common folk.

Seek a Good Location

Prestige pricing is one of the best ways to maintain good fees in the industry. Do this by choosing a location or a business zone that has considerably higher rates due to the market that they cater to.

Consider all these factors and try each of them. Explore your options and see how these can help you with your rates.

Skiing For Dummies: What You Should Take Note Before Going Down That Slope


SkiingSo you’ve finally decided to try skiing. The next question is, are you ready to try the extreme sport?

Australia is a great place for your new endeavour. Thanks mainly to the country’s intricate mountain ranges paired with beautiful landscapes, your first time skiing would be unforgettable—and even lead you to going on more ski trips.

The Land Down Under has only two states where you could do this activity: Victoria and New South Wales. Well, whether you do it in Brisbane or Thredbo, here are some tips to get you going with your new hobby:

1. Choose your gear.

First things first: get your own ski clothing. Brisbane ski experts say it’s advisable to pile on the layers. Wearing the right set of clothes is important for first-timers, since learning how to ski involves a couple of falls that could eventually lead to intense sweating despite the cold. Cotton and jeans are particularly a no-no.

2. Accessorise.

Goggles, a helmet, and a ski mask are must-haves! These will help you figure your way through the slope—and even warm your face up.

3. Warm up.

This is true for any physical activity. Whether you’re skiing, hiking, or even exercising, doing a bit of stretches will help condition your body. After all, skiing requires you to use all your muscles… so it’s better to prepare them for the big task ahead.

4. Two heads are better than one.

When out in the mountains, always remember: don’t do things on your own. This is common sense for starters. Of course, you don’t want to just go off without any guide. In fact, getting one should be the first step, once you’ve reached your chosen ski resort. Even after you get the hang of it, following a buddy system should still take place.

5. Hydrate.

Strenuous activities always require replenishing. Plus, the altitude can take a toll on your oxygen levels. Apart from water, experts recommend energy drinks such as Gatorade as well, as they are great thirst quenchers.

Skiing is fun only if you have prepared for it. You cannot just ski without the necessary steps to prepare for it; it would not only be un-fun, but dangerous as well.

Slips and Falls in Public: Claiming Compensation

Slips and Falls in Public

Slips and Falls in PublicHave you ever slipped or fell in a public place like a mall, park, or an amusement park? There’s no doubt that it was embarrassing, but when you walk away with more than just your pride that’s hurt then that’s when things get serious.

In the event that you get injured while out in a public place, there’s no denying that the first thing you want to get is compensation. But, how do you exactly go about it?

Defining Public Liability

Filing for personal injury compensation may often seem like a tricky process, and you and the lawyer working for you need to establish three important things to make it successful.

First of all, the person (or in this case, the company or owner of the public place) owes you a duty of care. This means that the owner has a responsibility to you, as owner of that public place, to ensure your safety. In places like amusement parks and fairs, this is almost a given since these can’t operate without passing safety regulations. For other public areas like malls and stores, they still have a duty of care to make sure customers are not at risk while they are inside the premises.

Accident or Intentional?

The next step is establishing negligence on the owner or company, or in this case, proving that they have breached their duty of care. This, however, needs to be carefully thought of as the line between an accident and outright negligence is often blurred.

An accident is something that no one is in control of and has the ability to foresee happening. No one intends for it to happen and thus, no one is ultimately responsible. Negligence, on the other hand, is different since the consequences are something that the person or company responsible can foresee.

A good example is if you slip on the floor that you have no way knowing that it was wet or slippery. This is negligence sine the person responsible has a duty to warn you that the floor is in fact slippery and is an avoidable risk, but has either purposely or forgotten to do so.

Getting Compensation

Once you’ve established that you suffered loss or injury because of a person or company’s negligence, it is only then that you can file for compensation. The laws in the country usually change, and currently, there is a $19,000 threshold that you as an applicant has to meet to receive compensation.

This is the reason claiming for compensation is relatively difficult, especially if the injury you suffered is “minor” yet affects you more than just physically. Thus, it is important to hire a lawyer that will present your case thoroughly.

Claiming compensation for public liability is difficult, but this should not dissuade you from getting reimbursement for the damages and injuries you got due to someone’s negligence.