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Dealing with Difficult Tenants: How to Do It without Losing Your Mind

Tenant Rental AgreementMany people choose to become on-site property managers for many reasons. They get to enjoy high investment returns and the in-demand business; they could have both home and business environment in just one place; they could enjoy the flexible office hours. And still for some, they get to live the lifestyle they wanted all their life—nearby beaches and tourist attractions at their immediate sight—and power up their profits at the same time.

Because of these business and personal rewards, many are investing in management rights business. For those of you asking what management rights is all about, it is simply a care-taking and letting business enterprise. If you are thinking about getting into this kind of business, understand that a huge part of your responsibility is dealing with tenants. And when it comes to tenants, there are two types: the good ones and the ones who must-not-be-named.

Although there are tactics you can use to keep bad tenants from the business, there are still some who slip through the cracks. If you have a tenant who is driving you nuts with late rent payments and a blasting stereo in the middle of the night, here are some tips you can follow to deal with difficult tenants properly.

Establish Expectations and Communicate With Them Clearly

You should take the initiative and make expectations known as soon as the tenant moves in. Cleanliness, noise levels and proper protocols when reporting complaints should be laid down and understood by both parties early on.

Discuss the Situation Objectively

When there is a specific issue at hand, the first logical step is to talk about the situation. And make sure you tackle it objectively. By ‘objectively’, it means that both parties will take necessary actions based on the policies established in the agreement.

Respond in a Timely Manner

Sometimes, bad tenants do not start out bad; they sometimes develop ‘the attitude’ when they realise that the manager is not that diligent in following-up. For instance, when a tenant is delayed in paying rental fees and you let it pass for weeks, chances are, they will get the idea that paying on time is not so much of a serious matter. Do not let time pass. Talk to them immediately when they disobeyed tenant rules.

Lastly, the most important thing you should do is to know the law. If you are well versed in tenant-landlord laws, you can protect and fight for your rights.

Do not let your tenants drive you crazy. With these tips, you’ll remain calm and deal with your tenants properly and professionally.

Sleeping Your Way to Health: The Best and Worst Positions for Sleeping

marin at

marin at freedigitalphotos.netA full night’s worth of sleep is one of the most essential factors that contribute to good health and positive well-being.

While many experts agree that people need to get about 7-10 hours of sleep at night to be truly sound in body and mind, that is rather difficult for many to achieve.

As the type of bed you sleep on plays an important role in how well you sleep, it is equally important to have a comfortable yet sturdy enough mattress. stresses the importance of a bed that is relaxing enough yet supports the contours of the body at the same time.

The Good: Sleeping on Your Back or Sides

Sleeping on one’s back makes it so much easier on the head, neck, and spine. You lie in a neutral position and have perfect body alignment. As long as you do not have any snoring issues, then sleeping on your back is still the best way to get a good night’s sleep.

Sleeping on your sides comes in at a close second. If you do happen to have sleep apnea, then sleeping on your sides is the best recourse.

The Bad: On Your Stomach or in Fetal Position

On your stomach is the worst position to sleep in. The position does not lend enough support for your back leading to overarching. In addition, it can lead to considerable strain on your neck.

The fetal position, while momentarily comforting, can also cause neck and back pain. On top of that, it promotes wrinkles and even leads to saggy breasts among women.

Sleeping is an essential part of overall health as long as you do it in all the right positions. Keep this in mind and you can sleep your way to better health and well-being.

Beyond Wisdom: 3 Essentials Characteristics of a Family Lawyer

veteran family lawyer

veteran family lawyerThe first few weeks following the decision to file for divorce are usually the most painful. In most cases, everything else takes a back seat due to the urgent desire to get it all over with quickly. Before you wade through the digital and yellow page listing for family lawyers, however, it is important to know what to look for in a family lawyer.

Do not attempt to handle family law matters without one, especially if the problem with your soon-to-be ex-spouse is complex and may involve a significant amount of money.

Moving forward, here are some of the things you need to look for in a family lawyer:


Have you ever heard of the saying, “There are horses for courses”? This age-old saying is true for an attorney and other professionals. To put it simply, you want to select an experienced family attorney, one from Quinn Takarada, P.C., for example, who has the knowledge to get the job done. After all, you do not want to become just another part of the “learning curve”.


You need a lawyer who can respond to your questions in a timely manner. Some lawyers are very busy and are not always available, and that’s the reality. They could be working on another client’s case and it’s normal. It’s also okay, because you want the same dedication on your case when it’s your turn in court or in mediation.

Another characteristic you need to look for in an attorney is responsiveness. Can they respond within the day? Will they respond at all? If yes, then the lawyer is a good candidate.


Be prepared to share details about your personal life if you are also relying on your attorney to do more than just review paperwork. Even the simplest cases will require looking into your finances and the details about your marriage. This means you need to find a lawyer you are comfortable with.

This list of criteria is not exhaustive. There are so many other things to look for, but these are the key things you need if you want to win your case.

Balancing Your Personal & Spiritual Life: 4 Useful Tips

spiritual life

spiritual lifeWe all have our own beliefs and ideals. While most believe in God, some find it hard to balance their personal and spiritual lives. There are people who focus more on fulfilling their personal goals, while others spend their time worshiping and doing things according to church teachings.

No matter which category you belong to, it’s important that you know how to maintain balance between your personal and spiritual life. Restoration Community Church provided some tips to help you get started:

Identify Your Core Values

What are the things you value in your life? These may include your health, family and friends, spiritual growth, finances, career, and intimate relationships. By identifying the things that motivate your life, you can easily find ways to put God at your core. There are ways to regain control and get back on track. Interacting with fellow Christians is a good example.

Take Time to Reflect

Goals motivate people to live and work hard. Check if you’re becoming more concerned about your career than your spiritual well-being. A few minutes of silence and solitude is necessary to find out whether you’re living a balanced life or not.

Assess Your Personal and Spiritual Growth

A thorough assessment is important to determine how well you’re doing when it comes to balancing your personal and spiritual life. If you’re having a hard time finding answers to your questions, ask your fellow Christians or support groups. The Church teaches people to be caring and passionate about one another. Talking to someone who understands what you’re going through is a good way to get the guidance you need in terms of assessing your spiritual growth.

There’s a Time for Everything

Manage your schedule and always find time to worship, to pray, and to serve your Christian community. It’s all about time management.

Balancing your personal and spiritual life can be challenging, but you can succeed if you follow these useful tips.

5 States Where Drivers Face a Financial Risk

License Plates Of Different States

Roads in certain states are simply scariLicense Plates Of Different Stateser than others. While we all know that driving always carries a risk, some drivers face a greater financial risk during accidents just because of where they live. This is what a research from found out, which gauged the insurance requirements of every state, as well as the percentage of uninsured drivers on the road.

Maine, North Dakota, and New York topped the list in terms of being the least risky among all states. As for the other end of the spectrum, data reveal that these are the following:


Although there are only around 15% uninsured drivers in the area, the Golden State is on the fifth spot on this list., a law firm that deals in personal injury and car accident cases, explains that this is possibly because of the low liability insurance requirements in the area.

California’s coverage levels only require $15,000 for one injury or death, $30,000 for more than one death or injury, and a measly $5,000 for property damage. Compared with what the other states require, these numbers are pretty low.


At number four is Mississippi, a state where 22.9% of drivers have no insurance policy. This is the main factor that put the state in this position, considering that the liability insurance requirements for the area are quite decent.

New Mexico

Like Mississippi, New Mexico has the same problem with the number of uninsured drivers. With the number at 21.6%, it’s no wonder the state is one of the riskiest areas for drivers. What made it a notch lower than the Magnolia State is because of its lower requirement for property damage. New Mexico only requires $10,000 for this, while Mississippi’s is at $25,000.


Oklahoma has the highest percentage of uninsured drivers throughout the country. One in four drivers (25.9%) travel the freeways without an active policy. For this reason, it has been dubbed as the second riskiest state for drivers.


Florida has the worst figures in the study. Approximately 23.8% of drivers in the area have no insurance, plus the liability requirements are low. This is on top of the state’s requirement for every driver to have personal injury protection at all times.

For drivers in any of these states, it is better to take extra safety precautions while on the road – not only to avoid accidents, but also to avoid financial problems.

Raising the Bar: How the Barcode Changed the World

bar code number

bar code numberHere’s a little something to think about: next time you go to the mall or supermarket, take a close look at all the items you put in your basket. You may not have given barcodes much thought before, but these series of lines with different girths are revolutionary and have changed how business is done worldwide. Have you ever stopped to wonder how these seemingly insignificant things have made life simpler and easier?

A brainchild by Joseph Woodland and Bernard Sliver, the barcode system is derived from the Morse Code. Instead of dots and dashes, Woodland used a series of lines with varying needs. What started out as a simple method of collecting information in one go turned out to be a valuable invention that would benefit different industries.

Here’s how this technology has changed the world:


In the retail business, long queues used to be a problem because of the lengthy procedure at the checkout counters. With the introduction of the barcode, customers no longer had to wait long since the recording of their purchases has become faster. It’s also made the lives of inventory managers easier by helping them keep track of the store’s SKUs or stock keeping units.

Manufacturing and Logistics

Other than keeping track of products, the barcode has become beneficial for businesspeople managing manufacturing and logistics plants. Companies use barcodes in line with inventory management software from companies such as, to keep track of their heavy assets, like trucks and machines.

Improved Decision-Making

The barcode technology has helped businesses, especially those in the service industry, reduce labour costs. As it helps collect information more accurately, companies reduce mistakes in recordkeeping. This, in turn, gives managers correct data that they will use in decision-making.

There are other situations where this technology is an asset to the organisation. For instance, military groups use barcode to track rations and their other assets. Delivery companies utilise it to keep track of packages.

Bigger isn’t Always Better: Small Homes in Utah Gaining Popularity

house for sale

house for saleTell an average American to buy a small house ten years ago and he’ll think you’re nuts. Tell the same thing today and he’ll go nuts.

Americans are going crazy about tiny residential areas. Due to the ever-changing economic status of the country and downsizing trends, Americans, particularly, those living in Utah, are choosing small properties and getting into the tiny house movement.

Home Preference Changes

In Utah, more individuals are downsizing and moving to one or two-bedroom houses, condominiums and apartments. For instance, tiny homes for sale in Cottonwood Heights and other neighboring cities are becoming more popular among baby boomers and Gen Yas they cater to the generational needs of each group. Elderly people especially benefit from these small houses as it offers space for mobility with the benefit of being less expensive.

House size preferences have changed over the years not just because of fluctuating economic trends, but also due to technology. Today, space-consuming possessions, like books, documents, audio files, photo albums, etc. have now become digital. Many homeowners realize that they don’t need that big of a house because most of the items they own don’t require much physical space in the house anymore.

Tiny House Movement

Other than the cost-effectiveness, small houses also offer less negative impact on the environment. As more Americans become eco-conscious, the trend is to go green also with the choice of living spaces. Tiny homes require fewer materials to build and maintain. A small house does not use too much electricity, water or gas. This means there is less carbon footprint. The size of the home also minimizes heating and cooling use, which enables cleaner air and fewer indoor greenhouse emissions.

Indeed, bigger isn’t always better. Small houses are more cost-effective and environmental-friendly, allowing a clutter-free space and requiring little maintenance. If you still haven’t joined the movement, pause for a moment, look at your big space, and ask, is it time to make the switch?

4 Key Factors That Can Help You Secure an Auto Loan

car loan

car loanNow that you’ve found your dream car, you need to know how to pay for it. Many people have already experienced that kind of feeling: one minute you are excited to buy one, then the other you are hesitant to make the move.

As owning a car is one of the biggest financial steps to make, most car buyers need to secure an auto loan. This article lists down the important factors that determine your car loan.

Down Payment

The down payment can determine if you are capable of getting a loan. You can just shell out as much as you can, especially if you think a $3,000 down payment, for instance, will hurt your budget or savings. You need to determine your priority, whether reduced interest rates or lower monthly payments. If you want a lower rate, shortening the term of your loan can be the best option. But, if you don’t want to stress over your finances monthly, a longer-term loan will better fit your budget.

Credit Score

This is what financial institutions use to figure out how much to give to borrowers. Your credit score can tell lenders if you have a history of financial stability, as well as responsibility on paying promptly. Damaged credit does not automatically mean you cannot get an auto loan, or you need to embrace sky-high interest rates. A reputable credit union has a profound respect for customers, giving them a chance to buy a car through 2nd Chance Auto Loan program.

Source of Income

How much you earn each month matters, as it can help a lender decide a flexible interest rate that’s best for your needs. You must show a steady source of income to get approved. If you have a less-than-excellent credit report, you can have a co-signer. You can also set up a savings account and show lenders that you can pay off your loan regularly.

Type of Vehicle

From sedans and hatchbacks to sports cars and SUVs, there is something out there for everyone. The type of vehicle you will choose can have a significant effect on your loan. For instance, a brand new one can be more difficult to get for a consumer who has weak credit.

Owning a car does not necessarily mean you need to be rich; you have to be a smart buyer.

Being Flat Benefits Floors

Wooden Flooring

Wooden Flooring

Any flooring placed on an uneven surface would create an uneven surface itself. In fact, it is so simple that any person can understand this concept, and that is where the problem comes from.

It is easy for people to forget the basics of any activity, which is why professionals such as the FLR Group flatten out surfaces before any kind of flooring project. This will allow people to tell if the people doing their job have any idea of what they are doing. These steps mostly concern wooden floors, but the same idea holds true for any flooring task.

There are different methods available to the contractor if the surface beneath the proposed floors is uneven. One of the simplest is to create an even second layer over the surface using a malleable and easily manipulated material such as sand.

Some project managers like to put down a layer of recycled rubber on top of the sand to keep the granules away from the floor proper. Other materials can work just as well, but few are as economical and environmentally friendly as rubber.

Once the sand and rubber layers create an even and flat surface to lay the flooring on, contractors have two options: lay down the flooring, or place a subfloor that goes beneath the final flooring layer. There are people who might find a third preparatory layer excessive, but this is essential for projects that require the boards to be nailed down.

The only requirement for laying down subfloors is that the materials need to be thick enough to receive the nails so that they do not pierce the rubber and expose the whole set-up to sand. Ensuring that a floor is flat is a relatively easy process that will keep homeowners from experiencing the frustrating squeaks and noises that plague a job.

Blowing Smoke: Car Exhaust Colour and What It Says

Car Exhaust

Car ExhaustIt doesn’t show up on the dashboard, and your car may seem to be running smoothly, but its exhaust smoke could be telling a different story. Whether it’s black or white, or anything in between, any exhaust smoke colour that’s different from normal could signal an engine problem.

1. The Normal White

Most of today’s energy-efficient cars have a white, thin, vapour-like smoke coming from the exhaust. This type of white shouldn’t pose any concern, as it’s just the condensation from the combustion.

Typically, the less smoke that comes out of your exhaust, the better, as it means your vehicle is fuel-efficient. This highlights the importance of turbochargers. Aftermarket turbo kits from and other dealers, for example, are recommended modifications because these improve an engine’s efficiency.

2. The Too White

If the exhaust smoke is too white and a bit thick, however, this could be caused by a small but serious engine problem. It can be anything from a cracked engine block, a damaged cylinder head, leaking antifreeze, or even a blown head gasket.

3. The Too Black

Black smoke, especially the thick one that smells like burning rubber or rotten eggs, could indicate the dirtiness of the engine. Too much fuel in the engine chamber and not enough air during combustion mean some fuel will not burn off thoroughly, leading to the thick, black smoke. You are not only wasting fuel here, you are also adding to air pollution.

Problems with the air filter, fuel injectors, fuel pressure regulator, sensors, and pipes could also cause the black smoke.

4. The Tad Blue, Tad Grey

Bluish-grey smoke often means oil is getting into certain parts of the engine where it’s not supposed to be. Oil leaks into the engine cylinders, burns with the fuel, and releases a blue-coloured smoke.

For problems with the engine or any of its part, the sensible thing to do is have it checked at your local auto shop. If you just want to improve your car’s fuel efficiency, best to have it maintained regularly and modified to include turbo chargers and other similar accessories.