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Increase Customer Traffic with People Counting Software

Counting Software

Counting SoftwareIn a retail marketplace, one of the reliable ways that shop owners can get factual data about their store’s people traffic is with people counting technology. They utilize traffic data at the store level to compare the peak traffic times among different locations. These figures lead to conversion ratios and helps make decisions to field the appropriate number of staff on a given day.

Precise Conversion Ratio

Probably one of the most important pieces of data that requires the use of people counting technology is the conversion ratio. This compares the number of customers who come in the store versus actual transactions. This indicates the performance of the store more accurately compared to conventional means that only analyzes sales data.

According to a retailer that uses a people counter, this device answers a few important questions such as how the store gets returns for a particular year, or the number of customers against the previous month or year, and so on.

Staff Shifts

A precise visitor count is quite useful to optimize staffing. Often, staff requirements are directly proportional to the amount of customers that visit the store. Doing so allows the store management to field staff at hours where the store sees a rise in visitors, and delegate maintenance and cleaning when the density is at its lowest.

Measure Marketing

Mall marketing experts often rely on people counting technology to get a handle on how effective their marketing campaigns are. They use marketing metrics like CPM or cost per thousand and SSF or shoppers per square foot as indicators to determine rent, based on the actual number of visitors or number of people that visit a store in the complex.

Determine Occupancy

For safety reasons, people counters determine if the building complies with safe levels of occupancy. While not perfect, it gives managers a more precise idea of the safe levels of occupancy for any building or property.

People counters are useful in many fields, especially in retail establishments. They help optimize the work process and staffing, allowing the right number of employees to work at any given time. This saves the business money and overhead costs.

Finding the Right Roofing Company

Important part of the house

Important part of the houseThe roof is the most important part of the house. A good roof can not only improve the external look of the house, but also protect the inhabitants and their belongings from the outside elements. So while renovating your home, you should take a look at your roof and get a good roofing company to inspect it.

• Call the professionals to inspect

Professional roofers are in a better position to check your roof and advise you if any part needs repairs, explains Permacoat. They can also tell you whether a complete replacement is warranted or if the repairs of the damaged portions are enough. A roof normally has a long life but if the weather has been very bad or if you have neglected the maintenance of your roof for a long time, a replacement might be needed.

• Pick a licensed and bonded firm

There are many contractors who claim to be roof specialists. But you need to be very careful and weed out the less than honest ones. You need a firm which employs specialists for the job and are experienced in the field. They should be able to provide guarantees for the material and their workmanship. Legitimate firms put up advertisements and make an effort to market their services.

Look for such firms through advertisements and the web. You can also check in the newspaper classifieds or the telephone directory. Additionally, ask family, neighbours and friends for references.

• Browse and find good firms online

Websites are the best option as you can quickly check their credentials and reviews. They have to possess the necessary licenses for the job. Certified roofers will do a good job and also offer adequate insurance. Some offer free repairs for any unintentional damage happening to the roof for up to a period of ten years. It is better to look for firms with more positive reviews. If you are still not sure, ask for referrals and check with their previous clients before hiring them.

Get Screened! Staying Healthy Through Regular Health Screenings

physical examination

physical examinationOne of the important things that you can do for yourself is to get regular health screening. Basic health screening is a battery of medical tests that look for diseases before any symptom manifests. The screening tests assist medical healthcare personnel to detect diseases early and therefore treat them when it is much easier.

What Do They Screen For?

Depending on your age, sex and lifestyle, the Thomson Lifestyle Centre lists some of the tests below:

  • Certain kinds of cancer.
  • Hypertension or bad cholesterol.
  • Diabetes.
  • Osteoporosis.
  • Sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Loss of hearing.
  • Visual problems.
Rising Health Costs

In an environment where rising health concerns are always major factors in every person’s life, prevention plays a crucial role in helping mitigate these costs. Regular health screening allows people to change the way they live so that they practice healthier lifestyles.

A healthy lifestyle can prevent such illnesses as cardiovascular diseases and endocrine problems.

What Happens During a Health Screening?

A healthcare professional will take a detailed health and family history and perform a thorough physical examination. In these exams, the doctor looks for genetic and lifestyle predispositions to disease; such as if anyone in the family has had diseases, or if the patient has certain vices like smoking or alcoholism.

Screening features a series of laboratory examinations that include blood, urine and faeces testing, and laboratory technicians may request a routine X-ray chest examination.

Once the doctor obtains results from these tests and everything seems normal, he will advise the patient on ways and means of keeping fit and healthy. On the other hand, if a disease is present, the physician will then recommend the right treatment procedure according to prevailing guidelines.

Health screening is very important because it can detect problems before they become serious. Have an annual check-up done regularly to ensure you are in the best of health.

On the Road to Business Success: Why You Need an On-Call Database Administrator

database privilege access

database privilege accessVirtually all businesses today are reliant on databases – cloud or otherwise – and with good reason. Having an advanced database makes data analysis and management infinitely easier. But, while these systems are efficient, they are not self-maintaining. And despite their complexity, they still require the supervision and care of a human set of eyes and hands.

It’s important to keep the database up and running. In the case of work that gets interrupted when the service encounters problems, database systems do require hands-on support and attention. This is why it’s essential to enlist the aid of an on call DBA (Database Administrator) whenever possible.

Division of (DBA) Labour

A DBA is expected to fulfill three major roles in the course of his maintenance duties: the operations DBA, involved in the ongoing monitoring and care of production databases; the development DBA, which involves planning, designing and implementing new applications and changes to the system; and the data administrator role, which involves organizing and monitoring all the data of an organization.

The Operations DBA

An operations DBA focuses on user feedback and planning for scheduled maintenance tasks for the day, week, and month. Out of all the job responsibilities of the DBA, this is perhaps the most routinary.

The Development DBA

Lovingly known as “the architect” in many organisations, the development DBA specialist is in charge of writing change scripts, testing them before they are released on the production floor, and coming up with design, security and other modifications for process improvement.

The Data Administrator Role

The data administrator is in charge of monitoring, organising and securing the all-important corporate metadata of the company. Having an actual data administrator on the team will certainly improve your processes, the quality of data and even the way you meet your deadlines.

Investing in a great database system for your company is definitely a smart move; remember, though, that you’ll always need to have a specialist on-call for any urgent database problems you may encounter.

A New Look for Your Garden: Choosing a Professional Landscaping Company

landscaping garden design

landscaping garden designWhether you are looking at a major landscaping project or would just need to have a few corners repaired, it still pays to have a professional work on it. This is because they have all the skills and tools that can help you get the kind of output you really want. Here are some tips to help you find the right provider of landscape construction services:

1. Know what you want to accomplish.

Before you start looking for the right service provider, know the scope of your project first. Think about the size of the area you would want them to work on. If possible, look for photos of how you want your garden to look like. While you’re at it, consider what should be the first part of your project, what should come next, and what should be the last priority.

2. Check for licences and permits.

There are two ways to get in touch with contractors – via online or your local directories and through referrals from family and friends. Make sure you check for licences, permits, and, if possible, certifications. Some of the more important papers that you should look for include business permit, insurance coverage, and workers’ compensation. This would cover any damage you or the workers could sustain during the entire project.

3. Ask for a contract.

Once you have chosen which contractor to go with, ask for a written contract. The contract should clearly indicate how much you need to pay, the scope of their work, and how the payment would be made. Also, go for a staggered payment scheme. This would allow you to monitor your expenses more efficiently and check whether each phase is accomplished on time.

Finally, you have to collaborate with the designer once you’ve sealed the deal. This would help them customise a design that truly fits your personality.

Keynote Speaker: Are You Hiring the Right One?

keynote speaker

keynote speakerIs your company not doing well despite the stability of your industry? Your employees could be the problem. They could either be stressed and unhappy or simply don’t have the motivation to work anymore. If you feel that you can’t handle the situation alone, then it’s time to call for help.

Keynote speakers are motivational drivers. Whether for corporate events, executive summits, or conferences, they help bring out the potential of every person who listens to them.

When and Whom to Hire

If you’re looking for a reliable and in-demand keynote speaker, it’s best to book them early to get a good schedule. Look for keynote speakers who can relate to your company, especially if you’re in a highly specific industry. They should have the authority to stand and speak in front of your employees or else you won’t get everybody to listen.

Montgomery Presents recommends hiring a nationally renowned and accredited speaker, someone who believes that it’s nearly impossible to motivate people, but also knows how to help them motivate themselves and remove obstacles in their way.

How to Hire the Right One

Don’t choose a keynote speaker simply because of their popularity. It’s a contributing factor, but shouldn’t only be the focus of the monitoring process. Attend one of their talks, if possible. It’s best to at least get an idea how they speak and how people respond to them. Nowadays, you can browse through online streaming sites like YouTube to watch a preview of their previous talks.

Have an in-depth talk with them beforehand. Explain what your company is like, its struggles, and its atmosphere. As such, you set expectations and know if they’re the most suitable person to hire.

Keynote speakers can make or break your company’s future operations. Make sure to hire the right people, so your business can keep moving forward.

4 Essential Tips on Skateboarding For Beginners


skateboardMany extreme sports are on arise due to the enthusiasm of many teenagers today to learn. Among this list is skateboarding, which started out in California as an alternative to surfing. Year after year, new faces would come to different shops to buy their first skateboard and try out the exciting sport.

For beginners, who perhaps were influenced by the tricks and stunts showcased by pros, the road to learning the basics won’t be easy. To help you out, here are some tips on your baby steps.

Ensure Your Safety before Anything Else

The skateboard is the most important thing you need, but so are the pads and helmet. This sport is dangerous, especially for inexperienced ones, which is why you need to wear the proper safety gear. It’s not that difficult to get everything, as shops such as offer the essentials.

Be Patient in Learning the Sport

It’s never easy to learn something as complicated as this sport. Don’t give in to your frustrations if you can’t do it right at first. Take your time in honing your skill level by practicing regularly. As what people say, if at first you don’t succeed, try and try again.

Practice on the Right Location

This sport is widely played throughout the country. Many skate parks are in almost every place. If you’re trying it out for the first time, this is the best place to do it. Avoid playing on the streets because you never know what you may hit on the ground if you fall.

Warm Up Your Body Prior to Skating

Lastly, prepare your body for a beating. Skateboarding is considered a sport because you actively use your body. Before stepping in on the board, stretch out your muscles first, especially the legs. The better your body feels, the longer you can practice skating. Do some push-ups and jogs to tone your muscles.

Learning the essentials before trying out something new, especially extreme sports, will help you avoid sustaining any injury. Always keep yourself protected to enjoy it better and make the most of the experience.

7 Essential Equipment You Need To Start Your Farm


tractorsStarting a farm is a tough task. With just the right equipment, however, you can keep your new farm running as smoothly as a well-oiled machine.

Berry Machinery lists 8 essential equipment you will need to start your farm:

1. Tractors

No farm would be complete without this piece of heavy machinery. Due to the relatively high price of this equipment, however, you might want to consider buying a used tractor first.

2. Combines

You need a major workhorse to accomplish all your grain cutting and threshing. A good combine will generally last a lifetime and accomplish much in the daily grind at the farm.

3. Pickup Trucks

Trucks are indispensable farm equipment. You will do a lot of transporting on a daily basis, which calls for a dependable 4×4 pickup truck.

4. Fencing Tools

Fencing is a farm necessity. You need to keep livestock in check and your crops free from scavengers. Often, you will also need to keep rebuilding or reinforcing existing fences.

5. Composter

Good soil is the foundation of a good farm. With dependable composting equipment, you can further fortify your soil and ensure it will yield good crops for a long time.

6. Garden Tools

Every farm needs spades, forks, rakes, tills, hoes, and everything in between. All these are essential tools you need to invest in if you want to make good in your farming.

7. Tillage Equipment

You normally need a variety of tillage equipment for farmwork. The choice will depend greatly on the soil you will work on. Make certain to ask your dealer before purchasing.

It takes quite a lot of experience to run a farm properly. Nevertheless, it helps to have all the right tools to do a good job. Start your farm right by acquiring all the necessary tools you need.

The Right Mixture: What Makes a Good Cocktail Venue

Cocktail Drink

Cocktail DrinkThere is no dearth of cocktail venues in any given city in the world, but this statement is no truer than in Brisbane. This gives you plenty of choices,but this same advantage can also leave you overwhelmed when it comes to choosing the best one.

In this regard, understand that a good price offer on drinks, such as 50% off on a particular day of the week, does not alone make a cocktail venue great. There are other characteristics too – perhaps even the more important ones that you must look out for.

Here is a glimpse of some good cocktail venue ideas that turn an ordinary venue into an extraordinary one.

The Ambience at the Venue

Guzzling a few drinks and you want to get tipsy already? You might have done that at home. But, because you wanted to drink amidst style and elegance, you chose a cocktail venue, eve in Brisbane. Find a place that speaks of style, good ambience, and great view. And oh, great people, too.

Customer Service

Receiving a drink or a bartender taking your order with a smile, drinking becomes more pleasurable. Some bartenders even strike a conversation or two with patrons, which only ups the level of customer familiarity. Cocktail venues that cares about customers, even if they are in automatic feel-good mode anyway, is the best venue. Ever.

Master Mixers

What is the point in drinking cocktails if the mixture is amateurish? The best venues boast of having the best of mixing experts in the town, so that every drink you consume is concocted to perfection. In this regard, also ensure that the venue uses premium spirits and measures them accurately when mixing a cocktail.

Keep these basic cocktail venue ideas and requirements in mind, gather up your gang of friends and head for a wild night out.

Dining & Sightseeing Options in Fortitude Valley

Fortitude Valley

Fortitude ValleyThere are many guides that can help the visitors and the locals learn about various restaurants in Fortitude Valley, Brisbane. It is better to know about the available options so that you do not miss any opportunity to enjoy the exquisite food while you are here.

Tourist location

This city is thronged by tourists due to its rich cultural heritage. The added attractions are the wonderful landscapes and amazing natural beauty of the place that lures the tourists to visit this place all year round.

Fine dining

There are also a number of hotels and restaurants that cater to the lodging and dining needs of the tourists. The best dining experiences are possible in the many restaurants that can be found around this suburb of Brisbane. These eateries basically cater to the needs and tastes of tourists and local alike. They are structured to suit all budgets too.

Various cuisines

The wide diversity of the population that has made this city their adopted home has helped to enrich the culinary landscape of the city. There are a number of restaurants with different specialties, catering to their niche market. The chefs at these restaurants are experts at preparing and serving authentic cuisines of the various regions of the world.

There are places that specialise only in authentic Chinese food, shares Brisbane restaurant Peng You.  You also have restaurants dedicated to Japanese, Italian, Lebanese, French, Spanish, Mexican foods or just seafood from all over. You can look at the available choices and then choose depending on your tastes and mood.

Awesome interiors

Most of these restaurants also pay a lot of attention to the interiors and serving styles to make your experience more authentic. These places are peaceful and serene, thus enhancing your fine dining experience. The staff at these places is both helpful and hospitable.  They endeavour to make your evening really memorable.

Other options

Apart from exclusive eateries and restaurants, you also have causal cafes and fast food corners, where you can get similar cuisines. These places are good too, especially if you are in a hurry and want a quick bite to appease your hunger pangs.