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Creatures of The Deep: Exploring The Similan Islands Liveaboard Style

Whether you’re into sports or just want to dive in a remote part of the world, there’s something for everyone in the Similan islands. Liveaboard in the Similan islands is one of the best things you can do on your vacation. The place is a perfect island getaway if you want to get away from the fast-paced life in the city for a while.

A Similan liveaboard adventure is one thing you’ll remember for the rest of your life. The group of islands is home to amazing diving spots where you can explore the riches of Thailand. But there are many things you need to know if you plan to add it to your next vacation itinerary.

Exploring Similan Islands

Here are some of them:

A diver’s fancy

Divers of different skill levels can find a suitable place to explore underwater. Some sites are perfect for snorkelers and diving beginners. Professional or experienced divers can go for diving spots with strong current. Many enthusiasts choose areas with reefs that slope gently.

Over 50 diving spots

Similan is famous for not just one or two, but over 50 diving spots. The place boasts rich marine biodiversity, which is also home to various fish species of different sizes, shapes, and colors. Whale sharks and manta rays are only some of the amazing sea creatures you may encounter.

Fit for any budget

Tourists of different budgets for the trip can easily find ways to enjoy their adventure. If you have the funds, you can go to the islands through liveaboards, diving daytrips, and snorkeling boats.

Start planning your trip to the beautiful Similan islands today. This can be the best adventure of your life, so plan it right, and leave the world behind – if only for a while.

Art on a Pedestal: Artistic Modern Basin Sinks

bathroom sink

Basin sinks offer chic and elegance to a bathroom, creating the appeal of art on a pedestal. Based on the centuries-old washbasin that were used before running water was available, modern basin sinks are now mounted on basin vanity units, counters or walls. These sinks come in different shapes, materials and styles as well, making them suitable to any décor.

Some examples of modern basin sinks include:

Hand-Painted Glass Basin Sinks

These can feature a striking design, making them an ideal focal point in contemporary bathrooms.

When opting for hand-painted glass sinks, install the sinks at a height that puts the top between 32 to 36 inches from the floor. Putting the sinks at this height makes using them comfortable for most adults, whilst minimising splashing.

bathroom sink

Artisan Ceramic Basin Sinks

These can be glazed with a metallic finish and placed on an old, wooden basin vanity unit, which can be an ideal option for powder rooms, as they can free up a bit of counter space.

Clear Basin Sinks

These are clear basin sinks that can be mounted to walls to make them appear as if they’re invisible. If the bathroom has other accent pieces, these sinks will allow them to take the centre stage as well.

Chic and elegant, basin sinks mounted on basin vanity units, counters or walls can create an appeal of art on a pedestal. When selecting a basin sink for your bathroom, consider these items.


The Sensible Traveller: Budgeting for Your London Trip

London is home to iconic attractions such as the Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, and the Tower of London. According to England’s London Tourism report, this thriving capital attracts about 15 million visitors each year. While London is known as a pricey city to explore, you can carefully budget for your trip to enjoy a tour without spending a king’s ransom.

Visiting London


Decide what type of accommodation you want during your stay in the city. You can choose a small backpacker hostel or apartments near Oxford Street, as these flats are more affordable. Book your reservations when you arrange your flight. Look for agencies or websites that offer discounts when you book both at the same time.


Allot a reasonable amount of money for your meals in London. Look for pubs, cafes, and fast-food places, as they offer the best value for your money. You can also go to a supermarket and buy picnic food, sandwiches, and pies.

Free Attractions

London is filled with free admission places to visit for culture and family-friendly activities. Most major London museums such as the British Museum, Tate Modern Art Gallery, and Natural History Museum are free. You can also buy a London Pass, which offers free admission to different attractions and discounts on public transportation.

Enjoy you trip to London without spending too much. Budget your money wisely and look for affordable options to ensure that you’ll have enough money that will last your entire trip.


Pre-Owned Mazda: New Kings of Toronto Dealerships

Pre-owned Mazda

Pre-owned Mazda cars are the new staple of Toronto dealerships. Many people have started to realise the great value of choosing these used vehicles over brand-new models. Buying a classic Japanese make is perfect for any type of car buyer. Whether you’re a first-time buyer or someone in need of a safe second-hand family car with minimal mileage, a pre-owned Mazda dealer in Toronto is the perfect place to go.

According to the trusted names in the Canadian automotive industry, such as Scarboro Mazda and Canadian Auto World, here are reasons it pays to go for pre-owned vehicles:

Quality for Less

These certified used vehicles are at par with the performance of brand-new cars while costing a lot less. The Japanese auto brand uses a meticulous qualification and certification process to ensure a high level of quality Mazda has always been known for. Only experienced technicians inspect these used cars, so you count that you can drive home a car that lives up to the standards of the manufacturer.

Pre-owned Mazda

Peace of Mind After the Sale

Among all other things you can get on top of your purchase, the most notable reward you can get is the limited warranty. This covers certain parts of the vehicle and involves zero deductibles on repairs or replacement in Toronto-based Mazda dealerships along with those located in the continental United States.

A pre-owned Mazda is definitely one of the best buys on the road today. With all of its practical rewards, you can sit behind the wheel of a premium car for an extremely low price.

Ways to Improve Data Center Energy Efficiency

Server network cables

Data centers are designed for optimal reliability, but usually at the expense of efficiency. Managing your company’s data center requires a significant amount of capital and operational expenditures, which affects financial bottom line.

There are steps you can take to improve data center energy efficiency and cut costs, without compromising reliability. Here are some of them:

Reduce cooling power consumption

Only half of the power available in a typical data center is used by the IT equipment, with the rest going to the cooling system. You can reclaim much power by eliminating cooling inefficiencies, making greater use of outside air, and upgrading your system to allow for variable cooling.

Server network cables

Consider Infrastructure Management Solutions

Data center infrastructure management (DCIM) will help you measure, monitor, and control your data center utilization and the energy consumption of your IT equipment. Tracking the performance and resource costs of your equipment helps you make informed decisions regarding energy-efficiency upgrades, troubleshooting, and consolidation.

Virtualize and Consolidate

One of the biggest sources of waste in most data centers is poor server utilization. Virtualizing your servers will increase your overall utilization from around 10 percent to between 20 and30 percent. You can increase efficiency even more if you use a more dynamic data center management system.

Reaching the Top: Safety Measures in Roof Repairs

roof access systems

Safety should always be your top priority when it comes to roof repairs. No matter how simple there pair is, roof work can be dangerous if you’re careless.

Do yourself a favour and follow these safety measures for your DIY (Do-it-Yourself) roof projects.

Wear the right shoes

Don’t risk falling off the roof because your old sneakers were not made for slippery surfaces. Choose a pair of rubber-soled work shoes for added traction.

roof access systems

Be careful when using ladders

Uneven surfaces can make your ladder slip. Observe ladder safety by levelling the ground with plywood to make it even. You can secure the plywood with stakes, and install ladder brackets so the ladder is completely leaning against the roof. For projects that involve repairs of highly elevated roofs, think of buying roof access systems like harnesses and anchor points.

Prepare roof supplies beforehand

Nothing is more irritating than reaching your rooftop just to realise you’ve left some important tools or materials. To avoid this, list down the items that you’ll need beforehand. Once you’ve gathered all your things, use a rope pulley or harness system to take them onto your roof.

Just be careful

Most injuries and accidents happen when rushing a roof repair. Roof repairs are not something you can do easily and you need to be careful the moment you step on a ladder. Install roof access systems and harnesses to avoid slips and falls.

Accidents can happen. Still, you can reduce the risks by paying attention and employing basic safety measures. Ladderlock Pty Ltd and OSHA are some of the names you can trust when it comes to roof safety.

Is It Time to Switch to a Tankless System?

reliable plumbing services

The San Diego market is starting to come around to the idea of efficient tankless water heaters. Still, there seems to be some growing pains in understanding the process of switching from a conventional tank system. Installing a tankless system properly requires an understanding that goes beyond simply replacing a tank with a smaller heating unit. The results can be quite rewarding, however.

reliable plumbing services

When deciding if it’s time for you to switch to a tankless system, here are some factors to think about:

Comfort, Cost, and Efficiency

A well designed and installed tankless system can provide constant access to hot water and lower monthly bills. There’s no more need to wait for a rusty tank of standing water to heat up before a second person can bathe. Water heater owners can heat the water on demand instead, making it a more efficient way of heating.


Getting a tankless system is ideal if you want to upgrade the efficiency of your home or if you’re simply frustrated with the limitations of a conventional tank system.


It’s ideal to get the opinion of a professional plumber experienced in integrating tankless systems in homes, like Perry Plumbing. Hire local plumbers who ask you about your usage habits and consider the number of points of use in your house.

Don’t be fooled by false information. Learn as much as you can about tankless water heaters before deciding to get one.

Digital Marketing: Achieving Success for Business

a seminar about digital marketing

Digital marketing is a great way to gain more reach for your business. It is a rapidly growing strategy in the marketing field, of which it is set to be the future. It is also infinitely more affordable than traditional marketing methods, and potentially reaches a wider audience.

a seminar about digital marketing

Here are a few digital marketing strategies for your business:

Facebook Pages

These are an excellent way to communicate with your customers, improve loyalty, and build your community. You can also use the social media leader to create interest-based ads for a reasonable price. Successful pages on Facebook require frequent updates and monitoring.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a tried and tested marketing form utilized by thousands of businesses. Email service providers can offer you the ability to maintain your email list and send personalized emails for a reasonable price. This type of marketing is also a great way to build customer loyalty.


Blogging is a cost-effective way to share your expertise and build relationships with your customers. It gives you a chance to reach new customers and present new business to your existing patrons. Blogging can also enhance your overall SEO campaign, but it requires time and commitment.

Plan an effective marketing campaign using digital strategies. Find a digital marketing company to help identify the best tactics that will work best for your business.

A Guide to Game Meat

buying alligator meat

Chicken, fish, pork, and beef are common choices for different entrées, but of course, there are times when you crave something more unique to the palate. Game meat has become quite popular over the years, but there are many classifications.

buying alligator meat

Here is a quick guide to different types of game meat.


Alligator is often referred to as the “other white meat,” as it’s like somewhere in the middle of chicken and tilapia, catfish, or cod in terms of flavor. It has a strong taste, which is why it is a delectable choice for home cooks and professional chefs alike. It’s easy to buy alligator meat online, which gives you a bit more convenience than, well, hunting them.


Chickens and turkeys aren’t the only birds you can serve on the dinner table. Quails, squabs, pheasants, and ostrich are just a few of the birds you can cook.


If you want a healthy red meat alternative to pork, buffalo is your best bet, as it’s low in fat but high in protein and minerals. Its low fat content makes it ideal for a variety of Italian dishes.

These are just three types of game meat you could explore for your next meal. With the many options you have, you can now venture away from the conventional dishes you prepare and try out something new with game meat.

Experience Gifts: Going beyond the Ordinary is Best

gift for birthday

It can be difficult to look for a birthday present for someone who already has everything. There are also times when you’d like to surprise an important person with a truly memorable gift. Making something on your own is an option, but there are instances when a bigger gesture is necessary. One type of present you can give is the gift of experience.

gift for birthday

A Truly Unique Gift

People often long to visit a place they haven’t gone before. Some would like to try a new activity, while others just want to unwind. Organising such an outing can be exciting yet nerve-wracking as you think about the recipient’s reaction. Comparing different birthday gift ideas with the preferences of the recipient will help you choose the one they’d really like.

Exercise Your Creativity

Think up all the possible experience gift ideas you can provide. List them down and find more information about each gift idea to determine which is the best. Don’t leave anything out, so you can explore different possibilities.

You can also enlist the help of other people close to the person you’re planning it for. Their advice will help you find a gift that the recipient will appreciate. Be careful whom you tell, though, so no one will spoil the surprise.