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Top it Off! Desserts That Can’t Go Wrong with Whipped Cream

If there’s anything that makes desserts unforgettable apart from the sugar, it’s the whipped cream. Whether it’s straight out of the bowl, the can, or the whipped cream dispenser, this fluffy, white layer of frosting makes pastries and desserts all the more delectable. It’s probably even a key ingredient in some of your favorite recipes.

To tickle your taste buds, here are some recipes that prove this simple ingredient can be a game-changer for your favorite part of any meal.

whipped cream dispenser


Cakes are never complete without frosting, and whipped cream makes for a delightful topper. Whether you’re using one straight from the can or making your own using a whipped cream charger and dispenser, a simple banana cake or a luscious triple chocolate cake can reach another level with whipped cream.

Trifles and Mousse

You can never make a strawberry trifle or a chocolate mousse without several layers of whipped cream. The airy cream serves as a foundation for these desserts, not only to add sweetness but to lend some texture as well. Biting into these desserts, you’ll get a light layer of cream, giving a nice contrast to the usually thick and dense fruits, cakes, and pastries.


This famous Italian custard dessert is usually served with sliced fresh fruits or berries. It is often used as a standalone dessert or a sauce for other sweet treats. Topping this with whipped cream makes it light and refreshing, and perfect as a warm weather dessert.

Not just for hot chocolates and pies, whipped cream is a kitchen staple that’s a great way to improve and top off nearly any dessert.


A Sumptuous Space: Designing an Inviting Kitchen

granite countertop

Kitchens are more than just a place where you can cook sumptuous meals and sample delectable recipes. They are a favorite room for sharing, talking, and laughing—a place where great memories are made. As the kitchen is where you nurture your family’s nutrition, you want to make sure it’s clean, comfortable, and as inviting as possible. Here are some design tips that can make your family enjoy your kitchen more:

granite countertop

Combine Colors

The key to a more inviting kitchen is choosing the right color of furniture, appliances, and interior. When designing your kitchen, you don’t have to stick to one to two colors. As long as you don’t overdo it, and as long as they match, you can combine your favorite hues. Atop quality granite countertop, for instance, looks perfect on brown cabinets and tables, white walls, and chairs with a touch of green or yellow.

Smart Storage

Providing enough storage is the best thing that you can do to keep the space as clutter-free as possible. Use every nook and cranny of your kitchen; put overhead cabinets right up to the ceilings and install deep drawers for easier access to pans and pots.

Lively Light

Among other areas at home, kitchens need the most light. Consider adding under-cabinet lights, overhead lighting fixtures, and ambient and decorative lights to make the area safer, which is important when you’re cooking. Good lighting also makes it more functional and inviting.

With these design tips, you can make your kitchen a more comfortable and inviting area for dinners and conversations.


3 Common Habits that Damage the Teeth

dental checkup

The human tooth is generally tough. Being made of multiple tissues with varying hardness and density, it is the strongest and the hardest part of the body. While teeth are generally strong, however, they are destructible. In fact, they can be easily damaged. You’d be surprised, but some of your most favorite habits are actually destroying your teeth.

Piercing your tongue

Tongue piercing may be trendy, but it can harm your teeth. Biting down on the metal stud while eating may crack one of your teeth and may cause gum damage that may lead to tooth loss. As the mouth is a breeding ground for bacteria, tongue piercing also raises the risk of tooth infection and sores.

dental checkup

Skipping Checkups

Dentists advise patients to have a dental checkup every six months, but people usually fail to comply. A regular dental checkup is important to maintain good oral hygiene and health. Your La Mesa dentist will let you know if you have an existing dental problem and recommend procedures to treat it.

Brushing Immediately after Every Meal

If you think you’re doing your teeth a favor by brushing them after every meal, think again. You’re actually damaging them. Brushing after breakfast, lunch, and dinner is ideal, but if you do it too soon, you can scrub your tooth enamel away. To avoid this, brush your teeth an hour after your meal.

Benefits of Pipe Insulation

pipe insulation

pipe insulationThe insulation of pipes is an important undertaking, and becomes especially significant during the chilling winter months. This will keep your pipes functioning properly and prevents it from freezing over. It is one of the most important aspects of home maintenance, especially in places where temperatures drop during the winter. More than it being an important upkeep responsibility, it also helps you save a lot on your heating expenses. The increasing cost of fuel and other utilities makes it necessary to find newer options to keep the house warm whenever the weather is much cooler.

If you forget about pipe insulation for your Brisbane home during winter, then in all likelihood you will encounter all sorts of pipe breakage problems. Also, the repairing and cleaning cost will just add to the burden, especially in situations when you have to spend after your basic heating supplies.

You can look out for various kinds of pipe insulation in the market to get the best deal. You can go for both hot and cold insulation as that will help you fight issues associated with freezing.

A very popular method of pipe insulation is the use of sleeves to drape the pipe. Usually these are made from a type of foam conveniently draped around each of the pipes. A special type of alloy foil tape can help in holding the foam firmly around the pipe. Although many claim it is easy to accomplish as a DIY project, it is still best to have professionals do it for you.

Proper insulation allows you to save a significant amount of money in the long run. Look out for the various shops in and around your locality to find some of the best service providers.

One of the biggest benefits which have already been mentioned before is that pipe insulation will prevent pipes from freezing and breaking altogether. Shop around from only the best in your area. Proper pipe insulation in Brisbane will also help you a lot as you can enjoy improved heating inside your home.

For installation, you can get hold of a specialist engineer to get your job done.

A Brief Guide in Operating a Rotary Table

rotary table

rotary tableRotary tables are valuable workshop equipment used for making arcs and circles. They are a type of milling machine with a round table and T-shaped slots. A typical rotary table is used for creating hole patterns with precisely spaced radical features.

For Machine Procedures

Rotary tables are mostly used in machine procedures and manufacturing processes. Some also use them in laser machining, mass productions equipment, or even semiconductor productions. Such tables are also helpful for robotics, electronics manufacturing, and other industrial applications.

A rotary table works with a rotating disc that holds the material in place during the procedure. For indexing purposes, you can rotate the circular portion of the rotary table. For high precision operations, turn the duplex-type worm wheel for backslash.

Safety instructions for Machinery

Before starting with the rotary table, read the entire manual first. The machine may present serious hazards or risks to untrained users. Familiarize yourself with the controls and operations before proceeding with any task that requires its use. Follow all the safety instructions in the manufacturer’s manual.

Setting Up and Adjusting

Most rotary tables have protective coating grease that must be cleaned off before using. To remove the grease, you can use paint thinner or a chemical that the manufacturer recommends. Before proceeding with any procedure, you have to turn the hand wheel degree to the 0-degree full degree mark. You also need to adjust the full degree indicator.

Installing the Table

Make sure that your mill table and spindle are properly aligned before installing it. It is also advisable to remove the scratches from the mating surface of the mill and the table. You can do this by polishing them and wiping them clean and dry.

Locking and Mounting the Table

It is always a good idea to lock the position of the table to make sure that the forces involved in usingthe rotary don’t move it. To lock the table in position, tighten the socket head cap screws in the table locking clamps. When it comes to mounting the table, you can choose to place it horizontally or vertically.

To reduce the risk of serious injury when operating, read the entire manual before proceeding with any operation. Wear protective gear like safety glasses and a respirator before working. If it’s your first time operating a direct drive rotary table, read books, online articles, and trade magazines to get better ideas on safety and effectiveness.

Sound Editing In TV and Film: How Audio Editors Do It


audacityAudio or sound editing plays an important role in television, radio, and film. After taping, sound editors clean up dialogue tracks, place sounds at certain times, and cut layers of special effects. They also set the ambiance of films by cutting out unwanted sounds and mixing in the right audio. To make music more appropriate for the film or show, music editors and production engineers shift pieces of vocals to another spot or cut them away using software like Audacity. Audacity free download for Mac and other operating systems is available in different websites.

The Production Phase

There are at least two people who take care of the recording of sound during the production phase: the boom pole operator and the sound mixer. The boom pole operator takes care of the boom pole, an extendible stick with a microphone, which is used to capture dialogue while filming. When not filming, it captures off-scene dialogue or retakes of lines that the actors failed to deliver properly during the actual film takes.

The sound mixer, who usually sits in a place far from the shooting location, records the sound captured by the boom pole operator. The person records the dialogue of the actors via cable, wireless devices, optical disks, tape, or hard drive. During the production phase, dialogues and other bodies of sounds are captured and gathered. These are called raw sounds. Almost everything you’ll hear in films and TV, except for the dialogue and other bodies of sounds, is added later during the post production phase.

Post Production

It is in the post production phase where video and sound editors enter. There are usually one to two audio editors for a TV show. For major film productions, however, you’ll see a whole bunch of people working to perfect the sound quality of the film. Sound editors use software like Audacity when editing the sound of a film. Audacity is open-source editing software that offers user-friendly interface and great features. There are different websites that offer free download of Audacity for Mac and other operating systems.

Video editors usually start editing films by choosing the best parts from the different takes of the scenes. They shorten or stretch parts and makes sure the transitions between each cut are smooth. They also clean up the audio of the scenes to remove noise and unwanted sounds from the background. After this, they’ll add sound effects and music to the film.

Guide to Getting Insurance for the Self-Employed

freelance insurance

freelance insuranceGetting freelance insurance in the UK is easy thanks to the many offerings for such professionals. For freelancers, insurance can be of essentially of two types: professional indemnity and public liability. Professional indemnity is recommended if you are one who provides professional advice to clients. Due to your advice, if your client suffers financial loss, this cover can offset the costs incurred due to any claims made out against you. In fact many clients will deal with you only if you have such coverage. Generally you will be covered from an amount of £50 thousand up to £5 million.

Public liability cover is recommended if in the course of your work you have contact with the public. This cover will pay in the scenario that you cause any injury or damage to someone or their property. The minimum amount under this cover is £2 million. If you are engaged in any kind of public sector work, then you might require £5 million to £10 million.

Always make sure that you thoroughly check for and understand if there are exclusions in the policy. The provider should offer you the chance to go through the policy documents in totem before you purchase the policy. Try to gauge what level of cover of professional indemnity your clients might expect out of you. If you are employing people, even in your home, you might be required legally to go for an employer’s liability cover. Remember that failure to do this can lead to a fine that can be as high as £2,500 for each single day you remain uninsured.

Be patient in comparing different quotes

Always remember to compare quotes from several providers before you buy insurance for freelancers in the UK. A good number of individual online quotes to compare would be eight and they should all be trusted insurers. Look at the number of such covers they have undertaken. Remember that for freelancers, insurance options are plenty and so you need not hurry in making a decision. Take your time and you are sure to find one that fits the bill.

The Bright Side of a Trip to the Parlor

beauty salon

beauty salonThere is nothing more relaxing and invigorating than a trip to the beauty salon. They provide different services for you to indulge in, so you can relax and enjoy.

A beauty parlor helps you relax and unwind, away from your busy schedule, for some precious, self-indulgent alone time. The variety of services and treatments they offer lets you choose between different ways of pampering yourself. At the end of the session, you feel refreshed and renewed.

A salon deals with various cosmetic treatments, and these are not just aimed at women, but men as well. The treatments range from waxing, manicures and pedicures to massages, threading, tanning or tan removal. Regardless of where you are, it is easy to find a parlor. You can find many salons in the Philippines, just as you would almost all countries across the world. Every salon has its own specialized treatments and packages. Most high-end salons require their staff to be trained at registered institutions before allowing them to deal with customers.

Benefits of Visiting a Salon

A beauty parlor restores the mind, body, and spirit. Fortunately, many salons in the Philippines provide an extensive list of spa services. Choose from a multitude of treatments to indulge in at reasonable rates.

Improve your hair’s appearance with special treatments, including cuts, conditioning, color, and more. Soften hands and beautify nails with special treatments, such as chocolate and paraffin manicures, as well as specialized pedicures for your feet. Getting treatments from a reputable salon assures you that high quality products are being used. There are also a variety of facials to suit different skin types and also different massage techniques for you to enjoy, such as a Swedish massage or Shiatsu.

People of all ages can benefit from a trip to the salon. With a renewed energy and outlook, you’ll be able to face anything that comes your way.

Bring Nature into Your Home with False Taxidermy

affordable deer head mount

When designing a room, it’s usually best to start with a concept and manifest that through one unique piece and build outward. That, unfortunately, is the hardest part of the process. What piece could you possibly get to build your room around? Why not get an inexpensive deer head mount? If you think taxidermy is cruel, think again.

False Taxidermy

affordable deer head mount

Most non-hunters agree that they wouldn’t buy anything that was killed purely for decorative purposes. Designers, however, will be hard put to deny the aesthetic quality offered by a crafted mount. A new trend offers a creative workaround to display a beautiful mount, without having to sacrifice a life for it.

False Taxidermy involves resin based mold sculptures built to replicate mounted heads for design purposes. Offered in a multitude of creative ways, it is quickly gaining traction as a design option.

Context is Key

Even real taxidermists will agree that just putting mounted heads everywhere will be a colossal waste. Putting a mounted head somewhere where it sticks out rather than bringing a room together is generally not a good idea.

Cartoons and parodies show enough satirical hunters’ homes with walls covered with mounted heads. Besides being a potential health hazard with all the sharp points, the overall effect is not pleasing and downright scary.

Make sure to put your mount somewhere it could be easily seen, but doesn’t dominate the landscape. Over a fireplace, or in the den surrounded by picture frames are just a few ideas to build your space around your new acquisition. Opposite your toilet is not a sight that would invite visitors.

Finding the Right Mount

Finding the right style of mount for your design is easier as more design companies recognize the popularity of the trend. There is no shortage of creative designs available on the market. Finding a stylish mount to brighten up your home wholly depends on how your mount will complement the room.

If your house exudes a cabin-like feel, then the traditional-looking full painted mount would be best. If your home has a more contemporary design, then the white resin mounts or those using alternative materials are better.

Browse through your options and get design ideas for your home. False mounted heads could be the one thing missing from your home.


Look Young and Beautiful with These Simple Tips

anti ageing cream

Many women are trying different ways to look and stay young. Though you can’t stop the clock, you can slow down the ageing process with a few simple tips:

Anti-Ageing Cream

anti ageing cream

You should research before trying anti-ageing products. Don’t just buy something that promises great results without consultation. Search the net for some reviews about anti-ageing creams on the market. Read beauty blogs, as some bloggers give the pros and cons of a particular cream they’ve tried. This way, you won’t be spending your money on fraudulent products.


Daily exposure to the sun can damage your skin. Choose an anti-ageing cream that has SPF sunscreen to protect it from the harmful rays of the sun.


Taking vitamins A, C, and E daily helps clean up free radicals. Note that eating healthy can also make your skin more radiant. Eat vegetables and fruits that have an enormous amount of antioxidant for a youthful skin.


When your body is in a repair mode, you produce growth hormones that slow ageing. Get eight hours of sleep if possible to rejuvenate your body. It’s important to follow a regular sleeping schedule so you won’t have serious problems later on. Chronic sleep deprivation negatively affects your health.


Having a positive outlook in life can make you look younger. Be happy and fill your days with things you enjoy. Practice stress-relieving activities like meditating, reading books, etc. Learn to appreciate life and stop fretting about certain things beyond your control. Worrying won’t add a single hour to your life. So be happy and positive. You’ll be surprised how endearing you’ll become.

Everyone gets old. The fountain of youth won’t overflow forever. It’s a reality, but it doesn’t mean you can’t be as attractive as before. You just need to take care of yourself and keep in mind these simple tips. Then you’re ready to face the world and prove that age is just a number.