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Tips on Getting Containers

containers for sale

containers for saleShipping containers come in different sizes, varying door styles, and heights. These units are preferred by many for their portability. These are used by all kinds of companies to store merchandise and move residential and commercial goods around. Finding a used or new container for sale in Australia is fairly easy, as there are many dealers and websites where you can find information. Whether you want a 40-foot used container for hire in Brisbane or a reefer with access ramps armed with a rack system, there are dealers who can help in finding the right container at good prices.

Consider Cost

How much should a used container cost? If the container is in good condition without any rusting issues or structural damage, a small container would range from $1000 to $1500 and it can go up to $3000 for a large one. These will help your company save at least a $1000 compared to a brand-new one.

Secure a Warranty

Containers come with warranties as well, depending on the seller. If it has been bought from a local or national entity in the business of selling containers in Australia, it is possible to negotiate and get a warranty. Still, securing a warranty has its benefits as it saves you money if ever the container encounters issues before, during, and after the delivery.

Maintain the Boxes

These containers are durable and last a long time. The life span of a container is at least 20 years, and it lasts longer with proper care and maintenance. Those built to ship goods to overseas customers are built to endure different weather conditions and rough handling during delivery. Some boxes are even vermin proof for better protection.

Inspect the Container

Those who are interested in investing in a container hire in Brisbane should make sure that they check out the container in person before buying. Check for rust and structural issues and that the locking system is in working order.

Make sure to get a written quote, which would include delivery to your address to avoid conflict in the future. Warranties are not usually included in the price of the container. When this happens, negotiate it and get one to make sure that any issues that crop up can get fixed. It also pays to shop around and compare prices on the product from different suppliers. Suppliers are more amenable to offering discounts and reduced prices to get new business. For more information about containers, research online.

Search Engine Optimisation – Getting Trained

SEO trainingInternet technology and tools keep changing and getting better all the time, making it important for people to keep learning. One area which requires a lot of attention is search engine optimisation – Google’s constant updates to their search algorithms require professionals in the field to stay up to date at all times.

Generalists can manage quite well with internet marketing tools, though many more companies are looking for people with specialised search engine optimisation training in Sydney and other locations.  Having good SEO skills is vital in directing traffic to company websites and having the latest SEO tools help.  Here are a few things to keep in mind when considering training.

Things to Consider

  • Training Options: People interested in furthering their skills and knowledge have to consider their learning style.  Some people prefer hands on training possible through workshops and seminars, while others might prefer self-paced learning.  For the latter group, online lessons may be the way to go – especially if they have busy work schedules.
  • What to Study:  The goal of these programs is to give users the right resources to help in optimising a medium sized site as far as searches go and create a good strategy to get a wider audience.  A good course would address questions like:
    • How do search engines work and rank sites?
    • How to do keyword research
    • What free research tools are available and how to use them
    • Where keywords should be located on a website
    • How links influence SEO
    • How the site’s architecture influences SEO
    • What is link building and how to do it?
    • What is content building?
    • How social media sites influence SEO tactics
    • The latest in Google updates (Penguin and Hummingbird)
  • Finding the Right Instructors: There are quite a few coaches and finding the right one might be the toughest.  Most trainers approach the basics with similar tactics but the importance given to other aspects will differ.  One should consider proximity, price for the course, and reputation of a trainer, or speakers if it is a lecture series.  It pays to check on the experience, client list, what kind of training (hands-on and theory) is provided before signing up.

One should not hesitate to ask pointed questions as it means investing time and money to find the best training courses for search engine optimisation in Sydney.

A New Gadget For Board Riders

This week, my friends and I can’t seem to stop talking about this new gadget for our ripple boards! It’s a device that attaches to their skateboard, surfboard, snowboard, wave board, or ripple board and it measures almost everything about the way you ride. It tells you how fast you’re going, how many calories you burned, the distance you covered, total air time, the duration of your riding session, and even the tricks and rotations that you did!

Naturally, this device is shock and waterproof. Yes, I know this sounds too good to be true, but it’s real and it’s really being developed as of the moment.

skateboardIf you’re wondering  just how such a device could be made possible, the answer is sensors, Bluetooth, and GPS. What’s even more amazing in my opinion, is the inventors are a father and son duo.  According to Anatole Lokshin  and his son David Lokshin, this new device is an extension of what they invented before that’s used to measure skiing and snowboarding metrics.

Unlike them, I don’t have a Ph.D. in electrical engineering so I can’t really get too excited about how this device canactually do all those things. I am, however, a ripple boarder and I can’t wait to know more about my personal style and endurance when it comes to my chosen sport.

Surf The Streets On Your Wave Board

Apparently, wave boarding is the latest craze these days because they’re much easier to learn than skateboarding, and they give you the feeling of surfing and snowboarding. Wave boards are those things that look like skateboards, but they bend and twist in the middle. I’m sure you’ve seen one. The sensation of surfing and snowboarding in your own front yard? How cool is that?

Naturally, I began my research on wave boards thinking that maybe, I can learn to ride one since I’m no skater girl. What I stumbled upon, though (pun intended), was the video of this man riding a wave board, getting dragged behind a car.

I don’t know if he jumped on purpose or if he fell by accident, but his wounds look bad and I almost changed my mind. Almost, because I also came across videos of other guys wave boarding looking like they’re having the time of their life!

I guess all kinds of sports carry their own risks and you’ll never learn anything if you’re scared to try every time. Besides, it’s not like I’ll ask my friends to drag me behind their cars on a wave board, so the chances of that happening to me would be zero. About my chances of looking like those edgy guys on their wave boards, however… now that’s a much bigger possibility!